View Full Version : Putin does Judo (video)

John Lindsey
6th September 2000, 05:04

The link is on the middle right side of this article on the recent Japan and Russia Peace talks (yes, they never did sign a peace treaty for WW-2).

Anyone know when he studied Judo and what rank he is?

6th September 2000, 06:20

Here is about four seonds of Putin doing randori. I've seen him take ukemi with a suit and tie.


Joseph Svinth
6th September 2000, 08:19
Since Mr. Putin used to be a senior official in the KGB, I suspect that he is any rank he says he is. ;)

Now, be that as it may, his official biography is at

This doesn't give his rank, but says he is fond of sports, to include sambo and judo...

Ah, here we go: http://www.putin2000.ru/07/01.html

"Putin [born 1952] is fond of sports, especially wrestling. He has been going in for sambo and judo since the age of 11. He won the sambo championships of St.Petersburg many times and became Master of Sports first in sambo (1973) and later in judo (1975)."

http://www.sovietski.com/Star/putin.html agrees that he has black belt rank

On July 23, 2000, Putin did a few throws on Okinawa. A photo appears here: http://www.reuters.hu/english/news/news.html+putin+austria+judo&hl=en

and another here:


The club where he used to train is tired of the attention (unless you want to buy pictures, then they like you): http://www.sptimes.ru/archive/times/549/news/e_waiting.htm