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12th March 2003, 01:01
Hi, everyone.

I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about the <a href="http://www.nckka.org/">National Chinese Kenpo Karate Association</a>.

Is it related to Shorinji Kempo, per se?

Also, does anyone have any experience with the organization? If so, any comments?

Thanks a lot,

M. Tom

Gary Dolce
12th March 2003, 01:17
This organization (NCKKA) is not related to Shorinji Kempo. The lineage page indicates that it is derived from James Mitose. Shorinji Kempo has no connection at all with forms of kempo (or kenpo) derived from James Mitose.

12th March 2003, 01:47
Thanks for the info.

I'll repost in the Karate forum.


M. Tom

Joel H.
12th March 2003, 02:35
actualy m.tom

that is chinese kempo wich come from william chow one of the few to recieve black belt from mitose ,who created todays kempo and brought it over to hawaii, chow combined kung fu and kenpo creating chinese kempo ,but he never taught kung fu.

proffessor kimo is considered the link between chinese, japanese and hawain kempo ,who is considering to have a seminar in the dojo that I attend :laugh:

i would like to inform you there history is not correct seeing as how it says in there in 525AD an Indian buddhist monk brought buddhism and excersises wich turned into all martial arts this time is wrong im afraid

there is no actual definate date as to when this happened but the shaolin temple was created in 495AD the shaolin styles real name is wu-shu. There is also shaolin temple boxing wich is the style that is in shaolin kempo karate. and yes kempo karate is technicly an oxy moron ,like jumbo shrimp, since they have two completely diffrent methods of fighting.

and to get more technical the 1st 3 hand positions for the excersises that was taught by the budhist monk from india was front position, praying hands, and mountain view.

i would suggest going to a chinese forum to talk about it or a hawaiin forum. since there is little to no karate in shaolin kenpo karate after orange belt. That dojo teaches shaolin kempo karate not kempo karate since there is no chinese movements in kempo karate its a hawaiin martial art

shorinji kempo is a much older form of kempo wich hasnt been altered by mitose or chow so it is much diffrent.

hope my info helps you.

I know all this info because its required by my lineage to take a 100 question written test in order to recieve 1st dan and Im getting closer to it ever day. I think I may go for it within the next 6 months

Tripitaka of AA
12th March 2003, 04:26
... and this is hopefully where our moderator will close the thread. The information requested has been given, there is no connection. Further information about our organisation is to be found on a number of websites.