View Full Version : Kokusai Gendai Budo Renmei (KGBR)

12th March 2003, 14:02
A question regarding the Kokusai Gendai Budo Renmei (KGBR}.
Is this an umbrella organization for modern jujutsu.
Who is Seno Kuniaki Shihan? It states he founded this organization with a Mr Bushey and was a master of Kitoryu jujutsu? Any thoughts
or comments would be greatly appreciated. I am intersted in possibly studying with an affiliated group called Kawashin-ryu Jujutsu and Goshin-jutsu
Pete Curkendall

13th March 2003, 06:28
There isn't much to go on, from what I can gather. The web site basically has a short (very short) history, and does have links to other organizations such as the USMAA.

Two pages, links to email, and a few links to other Modern MA organizations.

You could get more from a local judo dojo, as many of these post-modern jujutsu organizations teach mostly judo, anyway.

That's a guess on my part, I've not heard of them or the "founders."