View Full Version : Caption this #2

Steve Williams
12th March 2003, 23:29

Shitoryu Dude
13th March 2003, 00:47
What do mean "wrong mouse"?

Ron Rompen
13th March 2003, 01:27
You said 'Catch a mouse'. Can I help it if you can't be descriptive?

13th March 2003, 02:03
"Tell me again, the benefits of technology"

13th March 2003, 12:12
Tastes like chicken!

Meik Skoss
13th March 2003, 14:02
"Ohhhh... the OTHER mouse. I understand. Well, can I keep this one, anyway?"

Very cool picture, by the way.

Cady Goldfield
13th March 2003, 14:31
"Can't believe the freakin' long tail on this thing!"

13th March 2003, 14:39
"You gonna feed me .... no ... you can't have this back until you pay attention to ME!!!"

Son of Thunder
13th March 2003, 17:08
"If you ever want to surf the net again... Get rid of the dog."

13th March 2003, 22:42
And now I can take over the world....Like that Bill Gates fellow.