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19th March 2003, 15:18
I just heard about this? How much of the hiden mokuroku is on it? It would be nice to see someone with precise technique perform it. Any info would be great. I saw the tapes that another group had out but they don't compare (IMO) to what I've seen from Kondo sensei, as far as movement goes. Have a great week everyone.

Cady Goldfield
19th March 2003, 15:22
There's a thread on it, on Stanley Pranin's Aikido Journal:

Unfortunately, the thread veers off topic, but you might glean some basic information on it. I think there's also information about the DVD on the AJ website, in the form of an article.

19th March 2003, 15:42
I don't know how "new" it is. I've had my copy for about 2 years now. It's produced by Quest. I'm not sure where you might purchase it. I bought mine during a training visit to Kondo Sensei's dojo.

As far as its contents, it is a mixed bag. It is quite different than Kondo Sensei's Ikkajo tapes, in that those were designed more as introductory training tapes, while the DVD is more of a demo vehicle. The Hiden Mokuroku is covered as such: the complete ikkajo and nikajo, and only pieces of the sankajo through gokajo. There are also demonstrations of pieces of the aiki-no-jutsu and goshinyo no te sections.

As for the thread on Aikdo Journal, there is absolutely no real discussion of the DVD on it. To say that it "veers off topic," as Cady mentioned, is putting it lightly. What you will find on that thread is a continuation of the tiresome arugments between a member of the group formerly known as the Seishinkan and students of Kondo Sensei (including me).

Hope this helps,

Arman Partamian

Cady Goldfield
19th March 2003, 16:59

I was trying to be diplomatic, having given up on the thread long ago. But maybe a new poster there could elicit some genuine information from anyone who has seen it and is still visiting that thread.

When it first started, there were at least a few comments about the DVD!

Jon O'Neall
19th March 2003, 17:22
Hi, more of a lurker here at e-budo (and AJ), but just wanted to ask a quick question of Mr. Partamian if I might.

You mentioned that the DVD (which I do own, btw and which I highly recommend) contains demostrations of aiki-no-jutsu techniques. If you don't mind me asking... where would they be on the DVD? They aren't explicitly listed under a heading/category like the Ikkajo-Gokajo and the goshinyo-no-te techniques. Do they appear in the two formal demos at the end of the DVD? Curious to know and would appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.


19th March 2003, 17:23
Originally posted by O'Neill
Any info would be great. I saw the tapes that another group had out but they don't compare (IMO) to what I've seen from Kondo sensei, as far as movement goes. Have a great week everyone.

I agree with the summary above, but I'm pleased with every cent of the $60 I spent on the DVD, a medium far superior for learning than VHS (which we sadly have not been able to convince Stanley Pranin of.) I got mine through Julio Toribio's organization (they were also selling it in Las Vegas during the Expo.) Email first, but I think this is the contact if you should want it for yourself:

Monterey Budokan
636 Lighthouse Avenue
Monterey CA. 93940

Phone: 831-375-6797
Fax: 831-642-0824

(from http://www.seibukanjujutsu.com/seibulinks.html--no info on DVD there that I could find, though...)

19th March 2003, 19:42

I'm trying to remember where in the DVD they are. I believe there are one or two techniques demonstrated at some point after the hiden mokuroku section (I can't remember if they are indicated as such, as you mention). Let me check it out tonight and I'll get back to you.

Arman Partamian

Jon O'Neall
19th March 2003, 21:21
Thanks Arman! :)

Jake McKee
20th March 2003, 07:17
Hi guys,

Just in case anyone is looking for it, the Katsuyuki Kondo dvd is available here (http://www.budovideos.com/katkondvd.html).


26th March 2003, 01:35

I'm going to PM you on this.

Arman Partamian

Jon O'Neall
26th March 2003, 03:08
Thanks Arman, I'll keep an eye out for it.

Nathan Scott
8th April 2003, 02:38
Hi all,

Just thought I'd let you know that I just picked up this DVD through the Monterey Budokan. It was pretty easy and very fast, but here are the numbers:

Price is $59.95, not including tax (CA) and shipping. Shipping in the US is $3.50, and since I live in CA I got hit with tax, so my total was: $67.80.

The only other place I know of to get this would be from Quest themselves in Japan. They are charging 5,600 Yen, which currently is about $46.50 - not including shipping from Japan. This price also does not include trying to establish the necessary commerce information exchange with the Japanese and the additional time it will take to ship from Japan. If they screw it up, you wait some more.

Good DVD, but not cheap either way.


Chris Clifton
9th April 2003, 02:40
Hey Guys,

Just to let you know, the Kondo DVD is available at Budovideos.com.
That's where I got mine and it's much cheaper (49.95). Here's the link to the Kondo DVD http://www.budovideos.com/katkondvd.html
They also have a bunch of other Quest DVD's as well.

jaa na!