View Full Version : Stick grappling with the Jo

20th March 2003, 21:16
Hello all,

I'm new to these wonderful forums :) didn't know E-Budo existed.

Whats your opinion on grappling techniques with a Jo?

Maybe more difficult to use close in compared to the Hanbo?

Best wishes!



Jack B
21st March 2003, 15:35
Kaminoda sensei taught has taihojutsu (arresting techniques) with the jo for many years. There are a great number of one-hand and two-hand variations using entanglement and leverage. They can be very unpleasant.

I can't speak to the hanbo but the jo length seems very handy for wedging across the body. You can choke up for close-in work, and have a handle left over to get distance and keep control.

24th March 2003, 18:13
Hi Stefan...

Go here... names of the jo thread (http://www.e-budo.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?threadid=18070) ...for my post about using the jo in grappling in Aikido and see if this is useful for you.

Andy Watson
7th April 2003, 14:15
In his big SMR koryu book there is a section on grappling with the jo which is quite interesting and effective.

There is also a book by Quintin Chambers and Masaaki Hatsumi, I think called "Stick Fighting" which is worth a look. Extremely painful looking.