View Full Version : FYI - WKF stuff on ESPN

26th March 2003, 17:05
I thought I would pass this on in case anybody is interested. I recieved this off our Goju organization's e-mail list. It may be of interest to some of our forum participants. Have a good day.

Saturday 3-29-03 at 3pm - 4pm EST
and Sunday 3-30-03 at 4:30pm - 5:30pm EST

ESPN2 will be airing the WKF USA versus Mexico event.
This show will have the USA National team.
They are fantastic!

Everyone will want to record this so they can watch it over and over
again. George Kotaka and Elisa Au are going to be featured in the
program. They are the 2002 World champs for kumite!

30th March 2003, 19:38
It was pretty cool but only about five minutes. Bummer.:(

Paul Adamson