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26th March 2003, 23:55
Interpol wants Fujimori

Associated Press

Paris ?EInterpol issued an international call Wednesday for the arrest of former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori on charges of murder and kidnapping in Peru.

An arrest warrant was issued in Peru in 2001 for Mr. Fujimori, who has been in self-exile in Japan. Tokyo has not extradited him to Peru because he is a Japanese citizen.

Interpol's "Red Notice" issued Wednesday cannot force countries to arrest or extradite a suspect, but announces that the Lyon-based international police organization is satisfied that an arrest is justified.

The notice referred to murder charges against Mr. Fujimori for allegedly authorizing a paramilitary death squad responsible for two massacres of suspected rebel collaborators in the early 1990s.

"Because Interpol was familiar with the underlying charges brought against Mr. Fujimori, the organization was able to satisfy itself quickly that all the relevant legal requirements for a Red Notice request had been satisfied by Peru," Interpol said.

Mr. Fujimori, born in Peru to Japanese immigrants, fled to Japan in November, 2000, as a corruption scandal toppled his decade-long regime.

Last week, Peruvian lawmakers unanimously approved new corruption charges against him, accusing him of illegally authorizing millions of dollars in government purchases.

The week before, the Peruvian Congress approved embezzlement and illegal enrichment charges accusing Mr. Fujimori of secretly shifting state funds to pay for intelligence activities.

In addition, the former president faces charges he made an illegal $15-million (U.S.) severance payment to former spy chief Vladimiro Montesinos and for bribing opposition congressmen to join his party.

Mr. Montesinos, who is imprisoned and faces some 60 trials on charges ranging from corruption to murder, has said he used his secret budget to make frequent cash payments to Mr. Fujimori at the former president's request.

Mr. Fujimori has used his From Tokyo (http://www.fujimorialberto.com/en/index.php) Web site to claim he is the target of political persecution and to argue that the accusations lack proof and credible witnesses.