View Full Version : Oyata Footage

15th April 2003, 19:24
Hi! I'm seeking footage/demonstrations by Master Oyata. I'd be willing to purchase or trade accordingly. Thanks!:D

16th April 2003, 07:33

I got some stuff we can perhaps trade or whatever (email me). His stuff is very interesting and effective. He is very knowledgeable. Although I did not appreciate his remarks regarding other styles or other people during a seminar here in LA a few years back. It does not make for good PR.

Hank Irwin
18th April 2003, 03:59
His videos are very impressive. I believe in all there is a 13 volumn set? I don't know if the offer is still available. I've aquired a few too over the years, good stuff. Angel Sensei, how've you been? Good I hope. Nice to see you here and mensoree! This is a great site with some top knotch folks, got a few buggars too but, I think you will find it comfy.:cool:

17th July 2003, 04:41
Look no more www.ryushu.com/sales.html