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18th April 2003, 05:06
I have made to many boshuriken for my Kamiyama Dojo.
These are 9 inches and totally the best I've ever thrown.

The weight and balance are totally wonderful...
heat treated and I have not had any bend or break under throwing conditions... 1 for $7 each.. 9 for $6 each + S&H... in the USA only and not to states that will not give you your rights to have these.. sorry.

If you have any questions about them, where to send money orders or how much S&H will be.. please e-mail me.. you will not be sorry you got these.. babies..


kamiyama, ralph severe

21st April 2003, 13:36
Can you post a better picture? It looks like little paper airplanes with a ruler above them. Or maybe tent stakes. No offence but it does.