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23rd April 2003, 17:00
I practiced Wado-Ryu karate for more than 10 years and earned my black belt (shodan).

Three years ago I moved to another city, where there's no wado (ryu or kai) karate.

Considering the styles available in my new city (please see below), which one would you recommend to "substitute" my Wado ? Why ?

Karate : shotokan, uechi-ryu, goju-ryu and kenyu-ryu
Kung Fu : northern shaolin, wing chun, modern wushu, tai chi

And of course (since Im in Brazil), Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Capoeira.


Alexandre Wyllie

Gene Williams
23rd April 2003, 18:39
Hi, Shotokan will be the most "like" Wado. I trained Wado for several years in my early training...great style. If you want something karate, but very different, go with Goju. That being said, find the best teacher regardless of style. Gene

23rd April 2003, 19:30

go for the one most unlike Wado and fill in the holes!

Casper Baar
23rd April 2003, 19:53
Hi Alexandre,

I've been training in wado for a while now.

When trying to substitute wado with another karate style that's similar to wado you might find you'll have to unlearn certain wado skills. Are you willing to do that?
If you choose to go with another karate style try the other end of the (karate)spectrum this way you might be able to learn from the differences without feeling you're compromising your wado skills. I can picture someone doing a kata of goju and a kata of wado correctly, this would be much more difficult when the styles are simular, it would look like a wadoka doing a shotokan kata.

Hope this makes sense.

If you choose to complement. I think traditional jujitsu would be best. A good judo school could also complement your wado training.

Can't give you my opinion on the chinese arts. I have too little experience with them. I think sensei Ohgami (of wado-ryu) has trained in northern shaolin and still trains tai-chi-chuan. A northern wu-shu style would probably give you some cool insights into some of the moves in the kata's.

Just an opinion of someone very junior in wado-ryu.
Hope it helps.

Casper Baar

24th April 2003, 17:42
Being that you are in Brazil, you have access to some of the best BJJ instructors in the world. That's where I would be, but that's just my opinion. Good luck in your search. :)

Goju Man
25th April 2003, 01:56
And of course (since Im in Brazil), Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Capoeira.
You're in Brazil and have to ask that question??
The perfect compliment to your striking skills would be bjj, and you've got the best at your fingertips, what a dillemma.