View Full Version : Nihon Videos-Good Quality?

10th September 2000, 06:22
I keep seeing a series of tapes on Nihon JiuJitsu (with Norm Besterling)advertised in BlackBelt. Has anyone reviewed this set and are they any good? I am hesistant to buy them without getting some feedback first, and I cant find a MA store that rents them.

John Lindsey
9th October 2000, 17:32

I have never seen these videos, so I can't help you. So this was an ad in BB mag, and not one they produced? Videos are so easy to make these days that anyone can throw a set together (much easier than writing a book). What exactly interested you about this set?

Joseph Svinth
10th October 2000, 09:31
I didn't check to see if these videos were there, but a fairly extensive video review site can be found at http://www.altinet.net/%7Ekarate/mavr.htm