View Full Version : Kyokushinkai or Shidokan in DFW Texas?

23rd April 2003, 18:47
Im thinking of getting into karate, however Ive been having a hard time finding the styles Im interested in. Does anyone know of a Kyokushin or Shidokan school in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex?

24th April 2003, 04:27
I think these guys do a bit of Shidokan:

You may want to cross-train a bit here, though ;) :

24th April 2003, 13:30
Sorry, i do not think you will find any kyokushin or
Shidokan in that part of Texas :-(

24th April 2003, 14:45
Hmmm I thought those guys in that site had some shidokan background...
There are a lot of Kenpo karate schools in the dfw area from what Ive seen. I wonder why is it that Kempo is so widely distributed here and styles like Shotokan and Kyokushinkai are almost non-existant.

24th April 2003, 19:49
Oh well, I have a muay thai background I will probably go back to that. I do want to get into BJJ also, there are a few places Im looking at. I have a question for you RobertoK, I found a place in Arlington called Machado Jiu-Jitsu but I dont see it on the Machado site. Do you know if they really indorse them or not?

25th April 2003, 15:15
There is a student of Carlos Machado called Orlando Waugh that teaches in Arlington. Maybe that is the academy you are talking about. Orlando is very good. He is a brown belt and may get his black belt from Carlos this year. Again, he is exremely good but if I were you, I'd just go to the source and train with Carlos.

25th April 2003, 16:21
The price is a little steep, but the schedule is better. What the heck Ill check it out, thanks.

25th April 2003, 19:55
Hope to see you there. Tell Carlos that Roberto sent you :cool: