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Tripitaka of AA
24th April 2003, 20:03
I keep seeing the SARS bulletins and wondering how our kenshi friends in Toronto are doing? Has it begun to affect you personally yet? Does it mean any changes to training? Can you still hear kiai through those masks ;) ?

Not trying to be flippant, just trying to solicit some more posts to this forum, lest we start to notice Kimpatsu's absence too much :D we don't want Tony to think we can't survive without him, do we?

Anders Pettersson
24th April 2003, 20:43

I got an e-mail from John McCulloch, the Shibu-cho of Toronto Shibu and a dear friend of mine.

This is what he wrote to me concerned the SARS:

We are having a hard time because of the SARS scare. We have had to rent a new dojo space for 2-3 months since our original building is closed to the public. Also we are worried that it may be hard for us to travel abroad until this crisis is over. : (

Other than that he seemed fine, but I guess they are worried over there.
I've also notified John about this post and hopefully he will post here and let us know more.


John McCulloch
24th April 2003, 20:59
Gassho David,

Thank you for your concern.

Shorinjikempo in Toronto is doing fine despite the recent worries about SARS. All the members are in good shape. The only casualty has been our regular Toronto Branch training space - it's located in a clinical centre which is now closed to the public until the SARS epidemic is controlled. We have moved our training to an alterative location and will stay there until things return to normal.

The nascent Eglinton Branch, also in Toronto, has been unaffected.

Although there is fair amount of concern and media attention it's worth bearing in mind that the Greater Toronto Area has a population of over 5 million people and so far only a small number of people (mainly those who were in direct contact with the initial cases) have been infected with SARS. Life pretty much continues on as normal.

All the best to you and yours,

John McCulloch

Toronto Branch: www.torontoshorinji.org
Eglinton Branch: www.eglinton-shorinji.org

Steve Williams
24th April 2003, 21:28
Hi All

Glad to hear that all is well there.

It just shows the power (or irresponsibility) of the press.
I can appreciate that the potential is great concerning the bad effects that any epidemic can have, but the news on the tv and radio here in the uk is that it is recommended that you DO NOT TRAVEL TO TORONTO....... THE RISK IS TOO GREAT.....

BTW John..... the leafs are out of the playoffs :p
The ducks (my team of choice) are still in, and they beat the redwings...... :) :D (Got the stars next though :eek:

25th April 2003, 11:10
On Memorial Day weekend (May 23 to 26), Camp Shorinji will having its 25th Anniversary in the middle of upstate New York, which is a couple of hours drive Toronto. I know that representatives from the Toronto branch have always attended every year and it will be a shame if this year no one was able to come.

Good Luck

Tripitaka of AA
25th April 2003, 18:54
It is true then, Shorinji Kempo is alive and flourishing out there in the real world, all over the world!

Makes me feel kind of warm inside. :D :D ;) :D :D