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28th April 2003, 02:07
From what I've seen, the most common attacks in western society would include:

1. Right cross
2. Left lapel grap, right cross
3. Running Double lapel grab to break balance followed by right cross
4. Double lapel grab followed by head butt or groin knee
5. Running torso tackle
6. Right "over the top" punch thrown from left-lead posture
7. Two handed push followed by any of the above

Is anyone aware of statistics that detail the most commmon techniques seen in real life? Or can anyone add (delete) anything based on personal observation in your area of the country?


Paul Adamson

Gene Williams
28th April 2003, 02:18
A number of the fights I have witnessed began with a single hand placed on the chest of the opponent or with a sharp two handed push to the chest, followed by a right cross. Also, people wanting to start fights and intimidate will slap and intended victim.

Goju Man
28th April 2003, 19:53
Is the double leg the same as the running tackle?

Ron Tisdale
28th April 2003, 20:54
as for the double leg...not if its done properly. A good wrestler won't break his/her posture when shooting. Its kind of scary when done well. You sprawl, and they just keep coming in...

Ron Tisdale

28th April 2003, 21:10
I remember a couple of years our senior instuctor was teaching class and he wanted to demonstrate what to do if someone tries to tackles you. He asked me " Mr. Boyd do a two handed tackle on me. So I did, after all the instructor is a good karate man so I put my shoulder into his stomach and my hands grabbed his reaped his legs from behind his knees and he went down on his back. No counter. I felt really bad. I didn't want to make him look bad especially in front of the mudansha. I had expected to have been on the recieving end of Tawara Gaeshi or a Guillitine or a combination of both or something atleast. Reaping the legs is how I learned to tackle and he didn't expect me to take his legs. But he has a good sense of humor and it turned out OK and led to nice class on Marote Gari.

Gene Williams
28th April 2003, 21:17
Hi, It is sort of like football...hitting low and taking the legs is usually best, but I have seen the Gracies hit people high. I suppose there is some exposure to hand techniques when you hit low, but hitting high usually means more of a struggle to get someone down. Gene

29th April 2003, 16:53
The double leg is good but this thread is about the most common attacks personally seen out and about.

Personally, I've seen the waist/torso tackle (like in football) but I can't recall seeing the double leg outside the wrestling gym/dojo. Not that it won't happen on the street, I just haven't seen it.

What have you guys personally seen?

Paul Adamson

29th April 2003, 17:22
I worked as a bouncer for years, and found that the two handed push followed by a punch is very popular. Also, though, I have seen quite a few sideways / behind sucker style punches. Also common up here were grabs from behind, especially chokes, or attempted armbars.

-Robert Washington

sepai 85
29th April 2003, 22:23
I dont think it is a wise idea to try to catagorize attacks into the most common occurance. The reason I say this is because street fights are fast brutal and bloody no one street fight is exactly the same and it is not something you want to get into and trying to prearrange the attacks can be a VERY GRAVE MISTAKE. The average fight lasts about 5-10 seconds not pretty but if you feel the need to categorize then you should take into consideration that the 3 most common attacks are

1.a push followed by a strike (or the attacker pulling a blade)

2.sucker punch/haymaker

3.or a tackle

another thing to consider is if you are ever in a fight I can tell you now that it will most likely not be one on one thats just the way it is SO KEEPING THIS IN MIND TRY TO AVOID TRAINING TO ROLL AROUND ON THE GROUND WITH MULTIPLE ATTACKERS STANDING OVER YOU BECAUSE YOU WILL EAT THERE BOOTS AS THEY TAKE THEM TO YOUR HEAD

yours in shugyo
good training to all

29th April 2003, 22:54
Most fights I see are fought by two individual who donít know how to fight. Sometimes we will see a good one but they seem to be getting rarer. Usually two individuals lipping off at each other. Then they get close. Somebody pushes then other person pushes back then they may swing and roll around a bit then they get separated both brag how they kicked the other persons butt and thatís about it. Instinct is to hit where you looking so since the indviduals are mouthing off at each other the first punch is usually to the mouth/face area because that is where the eyes are.

Haymaker and Sucker Punch not the same thing.

Haymaker - colloquialism for a poorly executed but potentially dangerous hook punch.

Sucker Punch - a cheap shot. example, hey look at that big spider on your shoulder and when he looks you clock him. There is no defense against a properly executed sucker punch.

The way to prepare for potential attack is to practice defending against them. The only way to Mushin is Yushin. Practice and repetition. If I end up on the business end of a choke or a nelson I hope my brain calls up a defense plan. I think situational and senario based training can be very useful but well that calls for catagorizing things I guess.

Good night everybody.