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12th September 2000, 22:55
how do your dojos go about recruiting new students? phone book, flyers, commercials or just word-of-mouth? and do you see seasonal changes in attendence?

12th September 2000, 23:28
I run a non-commercial program in association with my church. We do not advertise, yet draw a large number of students through notices in the church bulletins and a local homeschoolers group. Our dojo is located in an industrial park and we are also gaining students (mostly female) from area offices. The comment that they like training in a program sponsored by a local church.

Quite a few of my teeneged students have brought others and many are sticking with it. Over a 20 month period, we have enrolled roughly 200 students and maintain an active enrollment of about 85, with children representing the highest turnover. (It's not as easy as they think)

Hope this helps. Next time you venture to Lake Tahoe, shoot me an email and visit some of the dojo here.
Best Regards,
Kevin Schaller

Mitch Saret
13th September 2000, 02:36
I am a small school in a small college town (pop. 20,000). I am almost positive I have the largest student body martial arts wise, and that's about 50. Teens are low right now, the young ones are coming in like gangbusters. I use flyers at the grocery stores and laundromats. We appear in the 4th of July parade. Also, whenever the kids get promoted or attend a tournament I take a picture, write a press release, and give it to the newspaper. I run an ad in the notices to bolster the story. This always gets some sort of response.

Summer is usually down time, but for some reason my summer numbers are up and they just haven't stopped coming in! I wish I knew why so I could do it again.

Claire Bartlett
25th September 2000, 17:10
Our school uses most of the above. In the early years, flyers were delivered, by the students of the dojo, to area homes at least once a year. There is usually some reward for all the work, such as a rare martial arts film or a seminar. Sensei also offers self defense training at several local high schools as part of the physical education program. We usually have a large enrolement surge in January when everyone make those resolutions to get fit. Though out the remainder of the year students find out about us via word of mouth, yellow pages and walking by seeing the sign. So far no one to my knowledge has said they found us on the web. Attendance also peaks in Sept with existing students returning from summer hoildays and getting back into the routine.

25th September 2000, 17:22
Our university dojo gets a huge attendance spike in September and a smaller one in January at the beginning of class semesters. These large clumps of beginners usually only end up with one of them hanging around though.