View Full Version : This is a test

18th May 2003, 22:09


Steve Williams
18th May 2003, 23:05
I think I failed ;)

Gene Williams
19th May 2003, 01:21
The second picture, the guy in the middle, that's Kimpatsu, right?
Did I pass? Do I get to go to the Teenage Amazon planet and see Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa, huh? Gene

19th May 2003, 01:40
Just testing the picture links. Sorry.

Gene Williams
19th May 2003, 01:53
I have figured you out, Ed. You see, those are not just funny pics...you and Kimpatsu really are aliens, and his disappearance from e-budo was a ruse whereby he could return to your home planet and plan the ultimate invasion of the earth by the members of the Word Head of Family Sokeship Council, who are all aliens. Notice how most of them have small beady eyes and look like Jaba the Hut? Now, if you reverse goju to ju x go or 10 x 5, you get 50. Then, ju x [goxju]=500. The highest kata in Goju, Suparimpei, means 108, and half of that, the kata Gojushiho, means 54, there are 4 letters in Goju...all that equals 666! Goju backwards is Ujog, the planet which is your home base! We know your plan, I have contacted the authorities. Let the war begin. Gene