View Full Version : For Sale: Shakudo Fuchi-Kashira Set

Erik Tracy
21st May 2003, 19:47
I have a very nice set of Fuchi-Kashira for sale: waves and flowers done in shakudo with a nanako (textured/dimpled) finish.


Fuchi: 38.2mm x 22.1mm
Kashira: 31.8mm x 18.0mm

This set was originally bought new from Tokugawa-Art of Japan for a planned katana project. However, the dimensions of the fuchi-kashira just are not proportioned correctly for the blade I am having mounted.

You can see this set up for sale on http://www.sanmei.com/shop_e/enter.html as they are available in quantities. The workmanship is very good and the pictures I scanned don't do them justice.

I paid the price on the website of $555 plus shipping from Japan.

I'm offering the set for $500 which will include postage.

I'll accept US Checks or Money Orders.

Erik Tracy

Erik Tracy
11th June 2003, 22:04
June 11, 2003: Price reduced to $450 - includes postage and insurance.

This is a very nice set for that sword project you got going! ;)