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30th May 2003, 00:09
Hi to every martials Arts practices:

I´m from Panamá city, and i need your help for the follows question:

1.- whats the different in shitei kata and the others????


3.- Do you have a list of shitei katas?

Thankyou for help me

yours in budo

from Panama city, Rogelio A. Ortega R.

Meik Skoss
30th May 2003, 02:11
The ZenKuRen shitei kata are similar to the ZenKenRen Seiteigata for kendo, iaido, and jodo, in that they are intended to provide an applicant for konin dan-i a means of being examined in kata of his own and other styles of karatedo. They have been modified a bit, so that there are no distinctive stylistic interpretations that would be too much of this or that teacher. In other words, they are sort of a "plain vanilla" sort of interpretation. The eight shitei kata are Sepai, Saifa, Jion, Kanku Dai, Seienchin, Bassai Dai, Seishan, and Chinto.

Hope this helps.

Martin H
31st May 2003, 16:39
Shitei is a term used in the World Karate Federation (WKF, the former WUKO), kata competitions.

Th e following is cut from the WKF kata rules section ( http://www.wkf.net/html/kataruleseng.html#3 ):
3.The contestants will be expected to perform both compulsory (SHITEI) and free selection (TOKUI) Kata during the competition. Kata will be in accordance with the schools of Karate-do recognised by the WKF based on the Goju, Shito, Shoto, and Wado systems. A schedule of the compulsory Kata is given in Appendix 6 and a list of the free selection Kata, in Appendix 7.

4. When performing Shitei Kata no variation is permitted.

5.When performing TOKUI Kata the contestants may choose from the list in Appendix 7. Variations as taught by the contestant’s school are permitted.
In short. Every kata competitor must perform a kata from the shitei list and do it without any variation. They may then in later rounds proceed to preform katas from the much larger tokui list, where minor variations are accepted.

The shitei kata list is:
from Goju kai
Seipai, Saifa

from Shotokan
Jion, Kanku Dai

from Shito ryu
Bassai Dai, Seienchin

from Wado ryu
Seishan, Chinto

Martin H
31st May 2003, 17:03
and yes, if a competitor is _required_ to do a shitei kata, and he is unable to. he is out of the competition.
Saying "sorry, but I can do better in the next round" is not good enough.

Gene Williams
31st May 2003, 18:30
Hi, I have personally never cared for the idea of "shitei" kata. It is a typically Japanese habit to standardize everything for huge competitions. I prefer the uniqueness of each system and the nuances of the different presentations of the kata. A judge should have sense enough to realize that Seipei Goju-ryu and Seipei Shito-ryu are the same kata with stylistic variations and judge the performance on the spirit and depth each contestant brings. This all began when Funakoshi changed perfectly good Okinawan kata to please Japanese sensibilities. I used to love to judge kata competition and see several versions of the same kata. So, have your kata list of required competition kata, but let each person do it as it is done in his ryu. Gene

Martin H
31st May 2003, 20:08
no kidding!
I do kyokushin, and altough we have many of the katas on both the shitei and tokui list, we are not allowed to do any of them at a wkf competition. Our variants are not approved even for the tokui list, even if it is almost exactly the same kata as in goju or shotokan :-(
and bugger it if Im going to learn a bunch of competition variations from outside of my own style and abandon "my own" katas.
I can appreciate the difficulity for the judges to keep track of countless katas done in countless variations in the different ryus, but it makes for big problems for any style not doing the "approved" variations.

31st May 2003, 20:40
I agree Martin,

our Institute covers three major systems and judges kata on the basics of body movement, balance and control etc, not the actual move per move of the kata.

Works fine for us.