View Full Version : clayton college?

4th June 2003, 12:41
Is anyone out there familiar with a school in Alabama called Clayton College of Natural Health? They have a correspondence program which looks somewhat interesting, but I've never met anyone who has heard of them. Anybody...?

Ted Taylor

Steve Williams
4th June 2003, 16:49
Try This link (http://www.nmd.ccnh.edu/index.html) to the college.....

I live in the UK, so have not heard of them, do you have a reason for asking..... or just idle curiosity??

Steve Williams
4th June 2003, 16:51
Actually This link (http://www.ccnh.edu/) is the one to the college.... the one above is to the "natural health" part of the site.

Jay Bell
4th June 2003, 17:45
Hi Ted,

I was thinking of attending Clayton for some time. It's a pretty decent Naturopathic school. However, a block from my house is an N.D. College (Southwest) that I had a better feeling about.

5th June 2003, 00:24
I've been to the site before and have received non cyber info from them. As I live in Japan, I am interested in doing a distance learning course from here. What I want is to hear from someone who either has experience with them, or who can recommend them. You know, before I splash out with a lot of money.

Jay, Are you in NM by any chance?

Ted Taylor

Jay Bell
5th June 2003, 05:45

I will say that I've heard good things in the N.D. community about Clayton, but I haven't taken any classes from them.

I'm actually in Mesa, AZ.