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wendy ongaro
25th June 2003, 00:00
...and you will have a good laugh!

porn not available (http://my.core.com/%7Eoldgrendel/cannot_find_porn.htm)

25th June 2003, 01:36
good one Wendy :D

Shitoryu Dude
25th June 2003, 05:11
Its so, so,,,,,,,,true to life!


25th June 2003, 08:54
I really enjoyed that!:laugh:

25th June 2003, 10:49

Ting Chuan
25th June 2003, 11:37
:D :p :rolleyes:

25th June 2003, 19:34
great, particularly if you scroll down...

The Coffee God
4th July 2003, 19:07
Here's another one that follows that line...

Go to www.google.com
Type in weapons of mass destruction.
Do not press search, but press 'I'm feeling lucky'
Read the error message carefully

wendy ongaro
5th July 2003, 14:18
:D LOL. I love it.

Julian Gerhart
1st August 2003, 05:31
the first time I saw that I became curious and clicked the detect porn button and it opened enuf dirty websites to crash internet explorer, but when I came back and tried again it just brought up that sorry no boobies message

why is this?