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25th June 2003, 08:34
As I age, I find that my fingers are getting so stiff sometimes that I often find it difficult and painful to make a fist or maintain a strong grip for long periods. I haven't found anything that really helps with the stiffness. Only the pain.
How do those of you who suffer the same deal with it?

26th July 2003, 02:36
Hi there,

My Mom had arthritis...as it progressed and got worse, and induced more pain I began studying shiatsu...and the results were fantastic. The amount of pain and relief that I was able to give her was significant.

As I got better, I improved from being able to provide hours of relief to where her arthritis wouldn't bother her for days.

I would recommend you look into Shiatsu or acupunture. Both provide amazing results.

Best of luck,

Eric L. Bookin

26th July 2003, 10:18
Well, I see you are the same age as me.

About twenty years ago, at thirty, the first twinges of stiffness and pain came to visit, so I started to eat better, and take my vitamins more regular. Then, around forty, the real problem of dropping something I was holding started to happen, and that was no fun.

Finally, when all the doctors were done getting my diagnosis correct, they put me on a water pill to take the water out of my joints, for the fluid build up in my ears from Meneire's and that seemed to take away a whole section of pain associated with arthritis.

There are a number of diet and supplimentary pills that can help your general physical condition, but consult with your doctor is a 'water pill' might be right for you.

My mother's arthritus is so bad she lives in the high desert in California, and that was a heck of a lot better than the East coast dampness that seemed to make her condition unbearable. So, in comparison to that, I guess I am doing pretty damn good.

There might be other factors that are decreasing your strength for gripping, as the muscles and body change with age, but you shouldn't have to live with abnormal pain. I still think many people would benefit from diet, rest, and proper care of their body as they get older, such as less harsh working conditions, but that is my opinion.

When I saw the title, "Arthritis anyone?" I wanted to respond with " Yeah, I have it, can I give it away to you?"

Oops? Did it anyway! (just kidding.)