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Bushi Jon
26th June 2003, 18:11
How about us not so mature peole that think gas is funny? Or is it just me. (Gross story)I went to a buddy of mines Dojo and were working on pins when all of a sudden when I was punching him he let loose in my face! Well a week or so went by and I had to take revenge me being the level headed person I am. So I was invited over to his dojo again and was asked to be the tori well as the pin unfolded I felt the gas building and that correct I put my ASS up to his face and let go.You guesed it it was juicy and rotten.Am I sick or was it proper?

Shitoryu Dude
26th June 2003, 19:09
What goes around comes around. Good job.


26th June 2003, 20:29
While sparring, I once hit a guy in the kidney hard
enough to make him pee. I was rotflol for the next hour.


wendy ongaro
26th June 2003, 23:12
farting down the room, doing basics...crop dusting. :D

30th June 2003, 13:12
Originally posted by Shitoryu Dude
What goes around comes around

I wouldn't go to that extreme.

30th June 2003, 15:24
More mature people might refrain only because you can never be too sure what the "outcome" might be.