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sepai 85
29th June 2003, 17:05
hojo undo- is roughly translated as supplementry training or training with weights.

chi shi (stone wight)
ishi sashi (weight for feet)
kongo ken (metal cylinder)
nigiri kami (gripping jars)
Makiwara (punching board)
thong (metal hollow cylinder)
wrist roller

all these things and more are part of hojo undo my question is how the movements of hojo undo resemble the moves of goju ryu kata (jundokan). The other half of my question is how much time is spent on hojo undo in your training.

for the sake of this thread I will include sanchin kata as part of the hojo undo

looking forward to responses
yours in respect and budo

29th June 2003, 17:10
I feel that it isn't a matter of finding the movements in your forms. I think it is more of a matter of finding a way to do the movements with the equipment. The excersizes should revolve around the forms not the equipment. I find that if there is a movements I need to work on (ie: strengthen, speed up, perfect...) I will try and find the best peice of equipment to do that movement.
For the other question, we don't do it enough at my dojo, we should to more. Of course you can always do more.