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2nd July 2003, 15:05
I'm a kenshi from Passo Fundo shibu, in Brazil, and I was searching the net to find movies based in shorinji kempo. I was able to find on amazon.com the movie Shorinji Kempo, with sonny chiba as so doshin. In usa this movie received the bad name of 'killing machine.'. There is the 'Shaolin Temple' to.
Anyone knows any other movie featuring shorinji kempo or with shorinji kempo sensei on it?


Tripitaka of AA
2nd July 2003, 18:16
Hi there Shokenshi

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We covered this subject on a thread a few months ago, see the previous posts for more details.

As far as I recall it said

Shaolin Temple - Starring Jet Li (Jet Lee). Featuring Yamazaki Sensei in cameo role. See http://us.imdb.com/Title?0079891

Shorinji Kempo ("Killing Machine")starring Sonny Chiba - who is a big star of action movies, he holds a first dan in Shorinji Kempo and is qualified in several other arts. See http://us.imdb.com/Title?0182260

"Sister Street Fighter" again starring Sonny Chiba. See http://us.imdb.com/Title?0073714

No more that I know of.

2nd July 2003, 19:57
thanks for the tip, Mr. David.
But how about the movie "Forest of Pagoda" (don't know japanese name)? I saw some pictures of it on an australian shorinji kempo web page.
I'm interested in japanese movies.
In the old shorinji kempo newsletter, on 'shorinji kempo in pictures' section, its written that in 50's and 60's were made in japan several movies about or with shorinji kempo thechniques on it.


Tripitaka of AA
3rd July 2003, 18:04
Gassho Sandro

I trawled through IMDB.com for films titled "Forest of Pagoda" but did not find an exact match. There was one (out of 180 with "forest" or "pagoda"), that was a Japanese from the 60s, which I've listed below;

Kajitsu no nai mori (1965) "Forest of No Escape" http://us.imdb.com/Title?0218371

Could that be the one?

I've remembered, we also mentioned the documentary film with Jet Li, sold recently as "Jet Li's Shaolin Arts of War". This is an old Chinese-made documentary about the Monks at the Shaolin Temple. They feature a few clips of Jet Li, then talk about the making of the film "The Shaolin Temple", including some comments about Japanese masters - with a clip of Yamazaki Sensei showing Jet Li a technique. But it is mainly a collection of the nuttiest things you ever saw, like the monk who does a one finger handstand!