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3rd July 2003, 08:28

This is pathetic, i know. It's about 2 years old.:rolleyes:

4th July 2003, 10:30
What's with this?

John Lindsey
4th July 2003, 11:59
The guitar looks older than you do! Is that a Les Paul? I see it has a trademark ugly green plastic tuners on it...

4th July 2003, 12:06
yeah it's a Gibson The Paul, and it's actually a 1998 model. i bought it brand new. i just play VERY VERY hard, with intensity reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan(not to mention 13 guage strings, just as he used). It wasn't uncommon to see me standing on TOP of the guitar, beating it like a red headed stepchild trying to coax Hendrixy sounds out of it. I was 16 at the time, and i played that thing constantly. I was onstage probably 5 nights a week around that era. It's just too bad that number has toned down considerably.:( . I'm looking to jump back in there pretty soon, hopefully. I still own that guitar and it's still my #1. It's way past time to replace the frets, though.

Mike Williams
4th July 2003, 13:52
What are the pickups on it? At first glance I thought they were P90 single-coils, but I imagine they're cover-less humbuckers...

Cool axe. Bummer that I'm stuck here at work, instead of at home, wailing on mine. :)



8th July 2003, 23:02
beating it like a red headed stepchildAh, I love this site. I used to come here for the martial arts :D

Adam, two questions:

1 - Arse - Where'dya get this from? I didn't know that Yanks have adopted OUR word...

2 - What's your sig all about?


6th August 2003, 23:22
First, nice guitar. Les Paul himself lives not to far away from me. :D

Second, while the guitar may make you a rock and roller, those pants won't. Unfortunately, that's a lesson 95% of all rock an' rollers never learned. If you are going for the David Lee Roth look (who I saw last summer ;) ), then keep doing what you're doing.

Third, about that signature of yours. We are all entitled to our beliefs, but that nonsense about carbon is just crazy. Coming from a graduate with a full science and math background, please....don't believe that for a second.

Here's the guy that probably "discovered" that little fact:
(Looks like a cross between Elvis and the Pope :) )
Remember, all in the spirit of good fun, I'm not poking fun at your beliefs.

By the way, did you ever get your martial training worked out (Dojo's and such)?

Take care,

6th August 2003, 23:27
Sorry, forgot to include this in the last post

"While 23 different evolution theories contradict each other, Genesis presents only ONE creation story. God created Heaven and Earth."

Yet how many different creationist stories are there? FAR, FAR more than 23. The logic you use in this argument is a little misleading. You are comparing a GROUP of theories (evolutionism) with just one creationist theory. A group always looks more than just one.

I don't mean to sound picky, and I'm sorry if I do. I simply enjoy a good discussion when one presents itself.


Take care, again,

7th August 2003, 06:53
:rolleyes: Yet one more person educated beyond their intelligence.

Whereas i am all for good discussion too, i think the nitpicking of my signature is a tad bit less important than say, getting the hell off of the computer and going outside and actually getting some solar exposure. Or at least some fresh air.

I wrote that as my signature just as something thought provoking to have for a signature like everyone else, not for some jackass know-it-all to challenge.

You don't see me(or anyone else for that matter) challenging the part of Kamiyama's signature that proclaims "Atheism is myth understood", so why zero in on mine?

What, am i not allowed to worship God without having someone try to persuade me to do otherwise?

Does it scare you that so many believe like myself?

Does it make you uncomfortable? Does it make you squirm?

Does it bother you that "In God We Trust" still adorns our Nation's currency, or that "one nation, Under GOD" still resides in our Flag's pledge?

What degree you graduated with or where you graduated from means next to nothing in terms of actual knowledge these days, you should know that. I thought you college graduates knew EVERYTHING!

eh,i guess 50,000 or so bucks doesn't go that far after all.

For what you spend thousands of dollars to learn, i can learn that and more with a 3 dollar library card and the will to do so.

Well well. Don't we feel like a genius?


7th August 2003, 08:22
You still haven't answered the "arse" question! :D

7th August 2003, 08:51
Does it make you uncomfortable? Does it make you squirm?Boy oh boy...

If you want your own beliefs, that's fine with most(!) of us.

What bugs me is the fact that as I am not religious myself, I enquired to 'what it was all about', Brant started what looked like a genuine debate and we were dealt such crushing blows as 'educated beyond intelligence' and 'jackass-know-it-all'.

What does make me squirm are narrow-minded people who have an emotional hair-trigger about their opinions.

Nobody's trying to persuade you otherwise. If I have a strong opinion and someone questions it, it makes me look longer and harder into whether my opinion is the right one or not. It changes my opinion or it makes it stronger.

Why not just be at peace with yourself and your belief structure?


7th August 2003, 12:40
Eric, you get emotional quite easily don't you?

7th August 2003, 17:42
Ugh. I'm sorry. I just now looked at that post i made and realized how much i overreacted. I apologize, as i was still very wound up over a confrontation that happened just an hour before.

again, I'm sorry.

7th August 2003, 20:48
Originally posted by Gakkousei
Ugh. I'm sorry. I just now looked at that post i made and realized how much i overreacted. I apologize, as i was still very wound up over a confrontation that happened just an hour before.

again, I'm sorry.

No problem. It may be a suprise, however, that I am not an athiest. :) I was simply pointed out the fact that that quote about carbon in your signature is simply wrong; I was not making any religous conotations about it what so ever.

Anyway, I'm still interested (geniunly) about if you ever figured out your martial arts situation.

On another note, I highly value my college education. I strongly recommend anyone to continue on to higher education. Although college is overpriced and usually brain-damagingly hard, I value what I got out of my undergraduate degree so much, that I plan on contintuing to get at least 2 masters and a PH.d.
I know it's a cliche, but learning IS an adventure, and the great thing about higher education is that you CHOOSE which subjects you want to learn about (aside from that stupid undergraduate core).

Anyway, whether you choose to attend college or not is your decision, but the advice from someone who just finished (finally) is that it is worth even more than I paid for it (or will continue to pay with student loans :D ).

BTW, to larsen_huw, I use arse all the time. I also use "lift" and "petrol". :p

Take care,
Bufu Ikkan


7th August 2003, 21:03
As far as my Martial situation, no i haven't had the good fortune to resolve it yet, although i am heavily interested in both the Bujinkan and the Genbukan.

Plus times are a little hard at the moment, my only real source of income is what comes in from the gigs i play, so i'll just have to wait and see what i can do.