View Full Version : Is there a Japanese version of the TV show "Big Brother"?

Tripitaka of AA
11th July 2003, 20:39
I'd love to see it. THe Japanese are famed for their ability to endure group living. After all, they have a poulation that is double the UK, in a land half the size. THey should know how to get along...

12th July 2003, 01:49
They're called neighbors.:D

Striking Hand
12th July 2003, 02:14
I think the closest we got at the moment is "Ai nori" or the "Love bus".

A group of singles travelling in a bus across different countries, goal is to get a boy-/girl-friend.
They stay at hotels, eat at restaurants and visit tourists spots.
One "couple" returns to Japan and 2 new singles are sent to take their place.

Another one might be "Denpa shonen" where usually up and comming comedians are set a task and have to fulfill it.

Living/confined in a room in Seoul and surviving solely on stuff won by lotteries or
traveling from Capetown to Norway and have to earn their money for food and travel by doing street performances.

But I guess those are as real as lets say "Temptation Island" and similar.

12th July 2003, 09:15
An example.


29th December 2018, 07:13
Well, I have no ideas about it but I guess there is an option of language there. I have been watching shows by Andy Yeatman (http://summit.kidscreen.com/2017/sessions/68057/fromtoystolifetolife/) in the language that I understand and it is available on Netflix. You can check there or I will ask my friends living there about it.