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19th July 2003, 00:14
The subject matter pretty much says it all butwhat are your
thoughts on the matter and why is it such a moral issue?

We have murder,drug abuse,incest,rape,lying,cheating,blasphemy
dishonesty,genocide,ethnic cleansing,and a host of other
"moral issues"allready in affect but is it just because these
" " are punishable that they are allowed to endure?

I am not God nor do I want to be(anymore)but why is it such a
topic of heated debate...
And ,yes I may be that Ignorant. But I still would like to know
what you think...

The possibilities are endless if such a practice were allowed
to manifest itself into reality...
Sparring partners,organ donors,and the list can go on and on...

Does the hypothosis of a man without a soul boil inside the minds
of paranoid conservative rightwinged powers that remain to dictate
what is right and what is wrong?

And another thought for your attention;

Why doesn't the Governments of the world stop this pettiness of
"this land is my land" and realize it belongs to no one but itself
and stop manufacturing these retarded weapons designed to take it
away from others and in defense keep others from taking it away,
and by Using the time and energy wasted on such trivial endeavors
to propel the exploration of space so that colonization can become
a reality instead of just a product of science fiction...

Captian Kirk and the crew of the Enterprize had "Cell Phones"
we didn't have them now we do... on that note I will close
and appologize for my lack of knowledge in the field of language
arts but hope that you can see through my ignorance to see
that ,communication of Ideas first begin with the projection of
ones self rather than keeping it allways bottled up inside...

You all are by far the most intelligent people I get to associate
with and I am but a spamming nincompoop to most but such is life
is it not?

20th July 2003, 05:03
I may be a little looped but I do posess the willingness to
wonder, so what if I wonder out loud...

Was it JFK. who said something like" Ask not what your country
can do for you ,but ask what you can do for your country."?

So I ask my country what can I do To rid this land of its
blinding shadow where the darkness is the light that most look
forward to seeing as they watch the news on the TV, read the
morning reports drinking and enjoying their 'Dark French roast
Folgers '

We the people are by far the most egotistical group of imbeciles
that this planet has to offer.thinking that material wealth will
sustain us into eternity or as long as for ever lasts ...

I'm not saying here that I am like somekind of prophet or fortune
teller kind of person but I know from what I have learned through
history is that history as it has come to be accepted has and
allways will repeat itself...an established fact you with me?

No one group has the ability to hold it for ever and what we are
preaching is exactly the same thing we are preaching against...

Free trade is wrong ,when it is not right and we are all slaves to
a feeling of insecurity that if we are not this or that we are
nothing no matter what that means, but what it all boils down to
is this philibuster is a product of freedom and when I express my
particular perception of said freedom I open myself up to ridicule
and rejection but it really doesnt bother me as my freedom will
endure as long as I manage to do the same...

Will you Endure as long as freedom? will freedom endure as long as

We all take calculated measures to ensure that our perception of
comfort is somewhat accepted among our other fellow human members

but in the advent that another performs some display of uncourteous
disrespect to our Ideals of what comfort levels are supposed to
resemble we launch an offensive defensive and look to cause as great
as or greater than discomfort to those they or thems that provocated
us into the particular course of action...

All I have to offer is just let it go because sooner or later it
will manifest itself nonexistant as all things have the inherant
missfortune of succoming to ...after all of this is nothing ,what
you leave behind is all you will get to take with you as you go...

Shitoryu Dude
20th July 2003, 06:18
JFK said it, but not first. Like all good speeches, most of the good quotes were stolen.

Yes, you are a nincompoop :mad:


20th July 2003, 06:34
Firstly, as far as I know, the current level of cloning technology is not safe enough to produce healthy human being so I'm against it.

Secondly, it's all hype. Most people don't realise the obvious. Clone may looks like you but s/he is not you.

Some problem will emerge in future when we start to harvest organ using clone technology but people will get over it eventually.

20th July 2003, 07:12
Originally posted by adroitjimon
We have murder,drug abuse,incest,rape,lying,cheating,blasphemy
dishonesty,genocide,ethnic cleansing,and a host of other
"moral issues"allready in affect but is it just because these
" " are punishable that they are allowed to endure?

The are punishable to stop them enduring.

And even I (not being a US-resident) have heard much of this before, even with the same wording, care to explain?
Or care to reference...

A. M. Jauregui
20th July 2003, 08:16
I am not against cloning or on the other side of the spectrum abortion. Abortion currently happens quite often and someday cloning will be common place as well. The moral problems that some have over both of these issues is a moot point in my mind for I figure that if you do not agree simply boycott...

20th July 2003, 11:12

Tripitaka of AA
20th July 2003, 11:55

I agree with David F. Craik :cool:

20th July 2003, 12:53
PWAR,I read dictionaries for fun so I know what words mean
and as far es referencing the subject matter I just throw
whats floating in my mind together... key word to remember
in the last installment of adroitjimon text was ,
*flourishing bugles* PHILIBUSTER...


20th July 2003, 15:39
You have my full support to "clone the f#@k away." Get to it!