View Full Version : So, the economy's in the toilets

Tripitaka of AA
19th July 2003, 08:36
...and the reduced leg-room and the plastic cutlery. But can anyone tell me how an economy-class return from London to Tokyo costs 1340 while a First Class return is over 5000.

apologies to Charlie for nicking his thread title:D

19th July 2003, 11:14
Rich people are all morbidly obese due to their predeliction for spit roasted fetuses, and therefore must be charged more to cart their flabby asses across the Indian ocean.

Really, I have no idea. If someone is rich enough -and stupid enough- to pay $12,000 some odd CAD just for a few hours of luxury, they deserve to be fleeced for every penny they have. Maybe the airlines can start turning all that first class money into profit and quit pissing and moaning about their stupid government bailouts.

Charlie Kondek
21st July 2003, 13:17

This reminds me of The Underground (Otherground). Let's hope we don't start doing spin-offs here or this place will be a bloody mad-house!