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Nathan Scott
22nd July 2003, 02:24
I could have sworn we already had a thread about Mr. Roland Jean Maroteaux "Minamoto no Maroto", based out of his "France Marotokan" dojo, located in France. But if not, here it is.

They claim to teach pretty much everything, and are affiliated with the Takeda ryu Aikijutsu of Nakamura Hisashi.

Discussions on the Takeda ryu can be found here:

Takeda ryu Aiki no Jutsu/ Ichio Oba (Seibuden) & Nakamura Hisashi (Nakamura-ha) -

Roland's biography is as follows:



Sensei Roland J. Maroteaux, is born to Chennee, Belgium, on 12 dec. 1944

- In 1961, to Metz, he discovers Judo with the teacher Henry Dalbin, 3 Dan, with whom he learns the first Jujutsu and Goshin Jutsu notions (self defense)

- In 1963 he meets Master Masamichi Noro, 4 Dan Aikido that time, who inspires him the passion for AIKI's principles , for the harmonious body expression.

- In 1966 he starts practising Karate Do , under the guidance of Henry Plee, 5 Dan, pioneer of European Karate. Sensei Maroteaux tells that he was deeply impressed both by his will, and his struggle to eliminate useless details on the Way.

- In 1970, thanks to Henry Plee, he meets Master Takeshi Dogane, 4 Dan Judo, and 4 Dan in a school of traditional Japanese Jujutsu - Hakko Ryu.

- In 1972, he becomes an authorised instructor of Aikikai and teaches in Paris , to Henry Plee's Dojo " Montagne St. Genevieve"

- In 1973, the sports minister awards him the State Diploma, after his coming back from Japan, where he got 4 Dan Jujutsu Hakko Ryu. In this way Sensei Maroteaux, became the first European, certificated of a traditional Japanese school. The gradation was awarded in Tokyo, being tested by the Masters Mimurodo si Terasawa

- In 1974 he travels back to Japan to improve his knowledge of Hakko Ryu Jujutsu, together with Soke Ryuho Okuyama, to the Dojo from Omiya. Then he becomes the first Shihan ( 5 Dan ) from France in this traditional Jujutsu school, derived from Daito Ryu and Takeda Ryu, an unprecedented event even in Europe. All present experts of Hakko Ryu from Europa, have been students of Sensei Maroteaux

- In 1976, he is awarded 6 Dan by British Jujutsu Association, and he initiates the first trilateral Jujutsu meeting to Milano : England- France - Italy.

- In 1979 - 1980, he is acknowledged Dai Shihan by well known American organizations of martial arts and he is awarded 7 Dan Goshin Hoshin Jutsu

- In 1984, he is acknowledged as Shihan 6 Dan , in Aikido Fudoshinkai

- In 1986, he tries both a new re-evaluation of his own value, and a search of the most profound origins of Jujutsu and Aiki Jutsu schools and travels again to Japan.He discovers here Soke Hisashi Nakamura, the 44th heir of the origiar Aiki Jutsu tradition, more exactly of the TAKEDA RYU school, considered lost for a long period of time.

- În 1987 he invites in France Soke Nakamura assisted by two experts Sofue Sensei, 8 dan and Toyoshima Sensei , 7 Dan. In this way the official entrance of TAKEDA RYU in France takes place.

- In 1988, he receives the Japanese name Minamoto no Maroto, which marks his integration to the Minamoto family and is regarded as a respect for his fidelity to the Japanese tradition.

- In 1990, Soke Nakamura awards him Menkyo of 5 Dan Aikido Takeda Ryu, 5 Dan iaido Takeda Ryu, and 5 Dan Iaido Takeda Ryu. He also becomes president of European Sobukai Takeda Ryu

- In 1993, Soke Nakamura awards him 6 Dan Aikido Takeda Ryu and the title of Joden Shihan

- In 199?., he states oficially, Soke Nakamura's interest for the commercial side of martial arts, and he continues to teach the same school, but in his own manner, thanks to his great past experience : Hakko ryu Jujutsu, Yoshinkan Aikido, Aikido Aikikai
In 2000, the International Council of Martial arts Experts - International Budo Association, led by a nephew of Takeda Sogaku, Keido Yamaue 10 Dan Aikijutsu awards him 8 Dan Aikijutsu, and the title of Hanshi. The award was made in the presence of many international experts, such as Del Cueto Sensei, Menkyokaiden Shihan Aikijutsu Daito Ryu







22nd July 2003, 13:24
that is really funny. Someone posted advertising of this group on french BB.
Your info Nathan is old one. Presently he is a Master on his own.


Suite aux conflits provoque ces dernieres mois par un grupuscule disident Autrichien et le Nihon Sobudo Rengokai , dont la gravite des faits , ont ete portes jusque devant les tribunaux francaise et belges , Me Maroteaux , devant tout ses hauts dignitaires du takeda Ryu europeen a brule son acte de acte de destitution signe par de Soke Nakamura et recu par la poste .

he burned a letter from his master informing him of destitution from all titles...


what is more funny , that Soke Nakamura delivered aikido grades, and he, himself has never been practicing aikido :D

In 1990, he receives from SOKE HISASHI NAKAMURA the Densho (MENKYO-JO) of JODEN-SHIHAN in TAKEDA-RYU and the ranks of 5th dan AÏKI - DO , 5th dan IAÏ - DO , 5th dan JO - DO and that, in presence of the consul general of JAPAN, the ceremony having taken place in France.


it is waiste of time even writing about him :o

Nathan Scott
22nd July 2003, 19:57
Wow, thanks for the update.

I had google give a whack at translating the "excommunication" page, and this is the best it could do (better than nothing):

Roland Maroteaux [Burned] his Excomunication

A daring gesture which marks its determination has to pursue its goals....

Following the conflicts these dernieres month by a grupuscule causes disident Autrichien and Nihon Sobudo Rengokai, of which revolves it of the facts, has ete doors until front the courts Frenchwoman and Belgians, Me Maroteaux, in front of all its dignitaries of the takeda European Ryu has [burned] its act of act of dismissal signs by Soke Nakamura and received by the post office. By this gesture, it has mark its determination has not ceder with the undergone presoins these dernieres month and has to pursue its goals as by the master key, of as much que all the practiquants join has its dimensions, estimating has right reason, than it is him which to know the takeda Ryu in France and Europe. That without him, nothing would exist concerning this school. That it was the most out-Japan rank of Takeda Ryu of the 1988 with the title of Joden Shihan in 7 disciplines. That it thus does not have any more lessons has to receive anyone, was it of a maitre of arts martiaul whose connaisances have ete transmitted to him by maitres and not of least. That being titular of four titles of Shihan (maitre) it is fully has same of asumer its spot in any good any honor. An opinion divides by all its raised and instructors as by a great number of international experts who see in him a succesor of the pure Japanese tradition that some maitres envy to him.

It apparently says that he burned the letter that Nakamura sent him firing him from Takeda ryu (called hamon) in front of the European Takeda ryu group. He says that he got the highest ranks under Nakamura that there are, and that he had received full transmission of the art (and 4 shihan licenses). As such, there are a great number of instructors internationally that recognize him as a master and a successor to the Japanese traditions, to the point that some masters envy him (I guess).

Where do I sign up?

John Connolly
22nd July 2003, 20:58
It is impressive that they were able to teach that wrist-control/lock to an albino Sasquatch.

Eric Joyce
22nd July 2003, 21:08
The guy looks like Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes.

Mike B. Johnson
24th July 2003, 03:44

"it is waiste of time even writing about him"

Oh no. You have obviously not experienced the comedy that is...Rollover Maroteaux! I met this guy years ago in France during one of my Judo sabbaticals. He was just sucking on to the Takeda ryu nonsense. He is so full of himself and so bad at hiding his "self-love". Its kinda like watching a really bad comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live. What makes him more amusing is that his martial arts ability is mediocre at best. Really mediocre! I mean maybe an insult to mediocrity.

I love the picture too. That pose....It is so...Roland....so bad...so crack me up and make me laugh my butt off.

Now imagine the worst example of an egomanical self aggrandizing martial artist you can mentally contrive....sort of a Rod Sachrnoski-esque guy. Now imagine him gone really bad French.

There you go! Ta da....Roland Maroteaux !

And you should see his tapes. Not exactly O'Sensei Ron Duncan caliber but definitely up there on the unintentional comedy scale.

24th July 2003, 07:00
Sacre bleu!
Didn’t he used to be hooked up with Tony Annesi!
“The ‘Voltaire’ of the Martial Arts” who I’m sure does not come by his nickname due to rampant drug induced madness, but rather his outrageous accent.

Pardon, tu es dan le merde.

24th July 2003, 08:19
What is frightening, is how close "mediocre" is to "pretty good" or even closer to "He's OK."

A la merde! A la mierda (Europe is such a big country).


Vive le Kwazimaroto!

A. M. Jauregui
24th July 2003, 11:21
What sucks is Maroteaux is stepping on that guy’s hand with zori (sandals) on. :eek:
Plus (to nit pick) the position of the arm is off.

24th July 2003, 16:34
I guess the hakko ryu will award high rank to anyone. He was a longtime member of the ahkko ryu was he not? That is rarely mentioned anymore though. I had read that he was awarded a high rank in that art. So, if he sucks so bad, what does that say for the standards of those awarding him these ranks.

colin slider
11th August 2006, 08:38
does anyone know this group - Ju-Jitsu Kobudo Singapore http://www.jujitsu.com.sg

if so, any feedback

thanks, colin slider

11th August 2006, 16:17
I have not heard of them, but just a cursory glance at the history section for their "aiki-justu" looks full of crap.

Arman Partamian

11th August 2006, 22:43
Caveat emptor. You may wish to read this (http://www.e-budo.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20483&highlight=roland). Good luck.

Be well,

Nathan Scott
28th November 2006, 02:46
Roger that,

Their "Aiki-Jutsu" link on the Ju-Jitsu Kobudo Singapore webpage goes directly to the Maroto group discussed here. Ouch.