View Full Version : Japanese Politics More Interesting?

25th July 2003, 18:21

(CAPTION)" Opposition lawmakers swarm a chairman to stop the passage of the Iraq (news - web sites) bill forced by the ruling party lawmakers at the upper house in Tokyo Fridat, July 25, 2003. The ruling party plans to approve the Iraq bill which enables the Japanese government to dispatch Self-Defense Forces to Iraq to help reconstructing the war-torn country. (AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye)"

Many important questions come too mind.
Does this not happen here in the states because our leaders are just too danged crusty?
Do our leaders lack spirit?
Shouldn't we get a lot more younger women in short skirts into public office over here? Maybe a few Japanese swimsuit models as congress, uh, people, would fix many of our problems.

Seriously though, for some reason I thought Japanese politics was more, dignified? Has it always been like this? If not, when did it start?