View Full Version : Lara Croft Tomb Raider "Cradle of life"

26th July 2003, 06:57
I just got back from the show,Absolute brilliance!!!

The kind of movie that will keep you holding a pee
Stunning martial arts performances by Ms.Croft some of it is a
bit far fetched but it's friggin Lara Croft for chimney's sake

Very good movie you can take yer granny,mum,girl friend
what ever...

My suggestion donnot get the giant sized coke because as the
movie reaches it's climax so does your bladder :D

I hope you enjoy it as well two thumbs up and I am very critical
on action films way better than the first one...it's where I
picked up my new sig see if you can recognize it in the dialogue

ENJOY, ENJOY,enjoy...

David T Anderson
26th July 2003, 16:13
Yeah...this was a good one. The first one was more like a rock video...this one is a solid big-flash action movie in the James Bond kinda way.

I still wish the movies paid a little more homage to the original games, however. The music in the Tomb Raider games was brilliant, and I can't imagine why they don't use it, and it would be no trick to write in a few scenes resembling game scenes just for fun...

27th July 2003, 14:12
I still wish the movies paid a little more homage to the original gamesYeah, maybe we'll get a decent remake of 'Mortal Kombat'.

The Coffee God
27th July 2003, 21:16
Originally posted by ScottUK
Yeah, maybe we'll get a decent remake of 'Mortal Kombat'.
Funny you should mention Mortal Kombat, they just completed filming MK3: Domination...

28th July 2003, 01:49
found a "date" to go with. going to leave now to see it. will add in put when i get back :)

28th July 2003, 07:15
It was really good... but something was lacking between Lara and that guy. :(

Anyhoo's... short segments included Lara in a hakama vs. a dude in full kendo armour... but they've got bo staffs.... and eventually, the bo staff in Lara's hands becomes Arnis sticks. Neato burrito!

I rememebered thinking that Lara is the female version of Indiana Jones when I saw the first one. Would be neat if we could get Lara to meet old Indy, eh?

29th July 2003, 01:27
Do you ever wonder why that guy was wearing all of that equipment?
That guy is her live human dummy he's getting paid to get beat up
by a girl... Is that cool or what?Someone get me a job like that...

Julian Gerhart
29th July 2003, 05:30
sure there were some cool action sequences etc. but did anyone ever begin to wish for something resembling a plot?

I did:(

29th July 2003, 07:30
Aww, to hell with this film (I hated the first one) - 'The Matrix Revolutions' is out in November with 'Return of the King' not long after...

http://us.imdb.com/Details?0242653 (MR)

http://us.imdb.com/Details?0167260 (LotR)

Bring it on... :D