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27th July 2003, 17:26
Plastic Balls:


Click play on 'Plastic Balls'. :D

Post yer scores...

A. M. Jauregui
27th July 2003, 21:26
Loads of fun... But just out of chance I kept getting the jump a level orb - ended up being at level six or seven with a relatively low score. Thank a definite recommend for my friends.

28th July 2003, 09:49
The best (and most addictive game) in the world ever (in my opinion) has to be UFO - Enemy Unknown. It's a turn based stratergy game was available for PC back in about 94-ish. Got into it back in 2001, and recently picked it up again, and i spent many a night up til 4 in the morning with "one more mission" syndrome! :D

The great thing about it being this old is that it will run on any old heap of junk you have lying around and you can pick the game up for absolutely penuts. I'm sure you could get it free if you know where to look on the internet.

28th July 2003, 10:13
EVERY one of the X-com games rocked :D

Didya know there's an email version available where one person plays the good guys and one plays the bad guys? I have it but haven't played it yet...

28th July 2003, 10:35
I wasn't so keen on X-com 3. Think they overcomplicated things. And just personal preference, but i prefered UFO to TFTD, i know they're both pretty much the same game. It was somehow more atmospheric with aliens than sea monsters! :D

Didn't know about the e-mail version .... i'd be interested in it.

Anything to pass the time here cooped up in an office here in Birmingham!

28th July 2003, 10:51
That'll put you about 15 minutes away from me then! What you doing in Brum?

As for the game - I think you only need to install it on one machine and email the other player with your move (or something like that).

I'll try and sort it out tonight - am still in the middle of a house move but will find it!

28th July 2003, 10:59
I've just moved here as well,

Doing a year out in industry from my degree. Working for a civil engineering company on a business park near J4 of the M42 (Blythe Valley Business park).

Moved to Moseley 2 weeks ago, still haven't unpacked everything yet ... but have got UFO runnning again and decided to start again at a higher difficulty level! :D

Had heard rumours of a 2 player game, but never managed to find it. I thought it'd most likely be a patch to the original.

28th July 2003, 11:06
Heres a pretty addictive game:

http://www.miniclip.com/tabletennis.htm (table tennis)

There are more games at this site, just click on "Full Games List" at the bottom left of the screen :)

A. M. Jauregui
28th July 2003, 11:18
9020 points tenth highest score on the Plastic Balls game - really should have typed my name in for I left it blank... :mad:

28th July 2003, 11:25
19565 - come on!


A. M. Jauregui
28th July 2003, 20:48
They deleted my blank entry. *grrr* I will post again if the 3rd time playing does the charm and puts me back up in the top 10.

A. M. Jauregui
28th July 2003, 22:12
7 (place)
e budo ana (what I signed as)
10750 (points)
28th July 2003 (date)

A. M. Jauregui
30th July 2003, 04:49
E-Budo Ana
30th July 2003
Boy oh boy is gets mind numbing after a while.

Beat you Scott. :p

30th July 2003, 07:22
Grr :p