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30th July 2003, 22:12
I remember back to when I was about seven or eight
it was the summer between second and third grade...

we had this baby sitter her name was karren she was a
student at TCU here in Ft.Worth...any way she used to always
read these books sometimes she would read to us but most of the
time she just read to her self...

One day I asked her if I could read one of her books,
and she was like "I dont know if you can read any of the books
I have because they are all 'big'books".

I wanted to read so I was like "Aw,come on let me read just one
please,please,please?"with that beggars look no one can deny...

She had a few books with her and said okay I'll let you use
any of these shorter books...

The first one I saw was "The catcher in the rye" but wasn't
interested because the cover was red with the title written
on it...But the book that caught my eye was "Dharma bums"
by Jack Karuack(?)...I must have read that book a hundred
times before I turned ten years old,and alot of it went to my

Funny how you are raised a certain way but end up going your own
way in the end...but "Dharma bums" that was the first real book
that I ever read ,Followed by a few others,but not many,

What was the first "real"book you ever read? curious me...

Daniel san
31st July 2003, 00:36
That would have to be Shogun, which I read in the womb;) Actually, my first real book was Bulfinches Mythology at five, followed closely by a deeper understanding of Where the Wild Things Are. I've always liked monsters.

31st July 2003, 00:37
It was the summer I turned six.I spent most of that summer-hell most of that year-sick in bed, with a few short trips to the library.
This one came off my dad's shelves, though....

"The Collected Works of Edgar Allen Poe.":eek:

I hadn't been scared of anything, since, until the USA PATRIOT Act.

A. M. Jauregui
31st July 2003, 00:40
Bridges of Toko Ri by James Michener, Bridge at Andau by James Michener, For whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway, To Have and Have Not by Ernest Hemingway, The Count of Monty Crisco by Alexandre Dumas, and Native Son by Richard A. Wright.

All of those books were required summer reading during my middle school education. I cannot remember exactly which one was read first but do remember that they looked like “big books” at the time. I also remember thinking how am I going to read the whole lot and still have time for some summer fun. I believe that most, if not all, of these are categorize as young adult currently...

Never really noticed it until now that most are books telling a time of war and or social upheaval...

A. M. Jauregui
1st August 2003, 09:03
I post and boom the thread nose dives... Any other posters out there? I am curious as to what others answers are.

1st August 2003, 10:48
The first book i read was called 'Red'

It had such things as, the red ball, the red bus etc.

The Last book i read about 2 months ago was 'Yellow' (the last in the series).

I've never been too good at reading...

1st August 2003, 10:56
My first book was the first book in the Famous 5 series. I was 4 1/2 years old, my dad read me the first chapter, then told me if i wanted to find out what happened, i'd have to read it myself.

1st August 2003, 15:26
i was attending "Merry Muppet" preschool in Tucson, AZ. my mom's friends gave me stuff all the time, including a book called, "Gomar the Duckling". it was my very first book that i remember. since then i've been a book worm. too many books have passed through my hands to recall what they were. :( for a while, i used to fill out little index cards (i still have them) with information of the books i had just read. i was such a nerd.

i do recall having the entire "He Man" series in book form. i wouldn't always get the toys i wanted, but when it came to books... mom usually always purchased me what i wanted.

Ting Chuan
1st August 2003, 15:40
The first book i remember reading was 'Hondo' By Louis Lamour.
My dad was a huge fan so i read them just as fast as he could give them to me. My favorite to this day of his is 'The Walking Drum' not his typical western work. If you get the chance i'd highly reccommend it.

Rob Acox

Jack B
1st August 2003, 18:06
Kerouac might not have been the best role model to imprint... reading him contributed to my dropping out of Rice.

As a kid, I repeatedly read "Lord of Light" by Roger Zelazney, all the Robert Heinlein books, Asimov's Foundation series, and Tolkien. When I got to college, I realized how much prime reading time I had wasted when there were all the classics out there. I kind of lost interest in reading F&SF ater that. That was, until Harry Potter came out!

1st August 2003, 22:15
Thanks to Jack B for the correct spelling of Kerouac...
I'm such an ignoramous sometimes...I've only read about ten
or eleven real literary works type books maybe more

most of my reading material consists of car and bicycling
magazines,architectural digest,Art business news,I'm constantly
reading something but I have to be really in the mood to set down
and read a story,(something to do with an attention deficit):D

A. M. Jauregui
1st August 2003, 22:22
Originally posted by Jack B
That was, until Harry Potter came out!

You and me both... I believe that I was the only one over 25 at the midnight release of the last book without a child at the local Borders Book Store. :cool:

47th ronin
2nd August 2003, 00:57
Originally posted by A.M. Jauregui
, The Count of Monty Crisco by Alexandre Dumas,

Unless you were into kinky stuff very early, I hope you meant the Count of Monte Cristo;).

My earliest book that was a major influence was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when I was 12. Of course I also saw Frank Zappa and Tom Waits that year as well. My teenage years were pretty much defined right there.

Joseph Svinth
2nd August 2003, 01:41
What, nobody here was raised reading the Revised Standard Version? Used to read that to stay awake during sermons. Quite interesting, reading Numbers 31 while the preacher prattles on about turning the other cheek, or reading the Sermon on the Mount during the passing of the collection plate.

A. M. Jauregui
2nd August 2003, 01:43
I saw the typo but thought that I corrected it. *Sigh*

Typos rarely happen elsewhere... E-Budo must be cursed... :laugh:

2nd August 2003, 17:16
I don't exaclty remember my first "real" book I ever read, espeically if it wasn't for school. But, I do know the book which got me into reading more. "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. I just finished the first "Lord of the Rings" book and plan on buying the three-in-one book later, but next I think I'll take on "Shogun". Saw the TV movie and liked it.