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3rd August 2003, 19:25
My father has been making knife blades for several years now, and in the past few years i have picked up on the trade and have been making Custom Knife blades, both for practice and for those who have requested them. We make them using 1085 Carbon Steel. It generally takes about 3-8 weeks to shape, , polish, and hone one of these blades, but the results are outstanding, we have several knives that we have made for personal use, and have found them to be extremely useful. We have very high standards for the uniform shape and dimensions of our blades, and in terms of the edges we put on them, if they cannot shave with a light graze of the edge, then they are too dull. The 1085 Steel that we use holds an edge for an exceptional amount of time, and, should you choose to have us fit it with a handle, each knife is mounted into a hand carved and clear polished Mahogany or African Cherry Handle With 3500 PSI Epoxy(Strongest Bonding Adhesive made)So it is impossible for the blade to come loose from the handle without the handle itself being destroyed(which is very hard to do with Mahogany or African Cherry wood). These Blades are made for cutting, and not chopping, as the Steel is very hard(67RC) and may break from a chopping type blow.

We make the blade styles in basically every style you would like, including : Tanto of every variation, Drop Point, Clip Point, Chisel-Point, as well as several other styles.

If this interests any of you folks out there, just gimme a holler. I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.