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19th August 2003, 16:19
Tokimune Takeda said in his interviews with Stanley Pranin that practice of Ono Ha Itto Ryu is integral in the practice of Daito Ryu. Based on this comments, it is clear that he was taught kenjutsu by his father, as an integrated practice with the jujutsu, aikijujutsu, and aiki no jutsu of Daito Ryu. He also stated that while it is integral to the study of Daito Ryu, that it would take too much time to teach it to *all* students.

In comparison, from what I have read, Ueshiba Sensei did not teach Ono Ha Itto Ryu, even in the days when what he was teaching was clearly recognized as Daito Ryu. This seems strange, does it not? Does anyone have any information regarding to what extent Sokaku Takeda Sensei may have taught Ono Ha Itto Ryu to Ueshiba Sensei?

Can anyone comment on what level of consistency exists across Sokaku Takeda Sensei's students with regard to incorporation of Ono Ha Itto Ryu with their teaching of Daito Ryu? What level of emphasis is placed on kenjutsu study within different branches?



19th August 2003, 19:01
Dear Chris:

Only as far as the oral tradition that the Hapkido Arts relate to Daito-ryu AJJ can I speak to the relationship that you mention. Indeed many if not most of the Hapkido arts have weapons work and many times this includes sword work. However, my experience has been that this tends to be more a function of the need to represent the particular art in question as a Mu-Do or martial way (Jap: Bu-Do) than because the underpinnings of Hapkido may have been Daito-ryu and so would likewise include sword. If I were to draw a parallel the first thing that comes to mind is the work of the late Sensei Mochizuki as compared to Tomiki. Had DRAJJ and OHIR been truely integrated it would stand to reason that both traditions proceeding from the root would have represented the material equally, yes?

Just as an observation from an outsider, I have noticed that the level of sword work within Daito-ryu seems to represented very un-evenly across the range of various groups. This is usually a pretty good indication that the true relationship between the MT Hand work and the sword work was pretty tenuous in my book. FWIW.

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Nathan Scott
19th August 2003, 19:38
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20th August 2003, 21:55
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21st August 2003, 15:02
Bruce, Nathan, and Ana,

Thank you all for your replies. Very helpful and very much appreciated!