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bob elder
25th September 2000, 19:35
It has been brought to my attention that the remark I made about rules differences at the Seattle tournament may trip us Florida boys up may be taken seriously by folks that don't know me. I meant that in jest. No more, no less. Bob Elder

27th September 2000, 02:19
But, Bob-san, Sensei, It has been our understanding that you have garnered your good training by "tripping up".

With as much attention as I could muster outside of freaking out at being at 'your' and my first taikai, I noticed that several of the non-competing Japanese assistants (why didn't they enter?) in blue dogi also wore the tell-tale darning stitches in their jackets just above the koiguchi. I've seen those on some of your older uniforms, too.

Can't buy a new get-up for every competition, I guess. Good luck.


bob elder
3rd October 2000, 20:55
Hey Willie G! Yup, the slippery path is the one I've chosen . I seem to have gotten a lot of practice falling down drunk. Anyway, ouch there I go again. uh, what do you mean about the "stitching?" Bob Elder P.S, contact animo about the video.

bob elder
3rd October 2000, 21:01
Hey Willie G! Yup, the slippery path is the one I've chosen . I seem to have gotten a lot of practice falling down drunk. Anyway, ouch there I go again. uh, what do you mean about the "stitching?" Bob Elder P.S, contact animo about the video.

Scott Irey
16th October 2000, 21:31

I wanted to be the first to congratulate you and your student Tom Smyth for his accomplishments at the U.S. Western Regional Tournament of Swordsmanship. Tom placed first in the nidan and above tameshigiri division. Although competition was stiff Tom never wavered and drilled every cut he made... especially his final Dotan-giri where he cleanly cut through 9 tatami omote. The nidan and above finalists were as follows:

1st place: Tom Smyth, Toyama Ryu
2nd place: Tony Alvarez, Kashima Shinto Ryu
3rd place: Tim Wilmot, Ishiyama Ryu

Tom also placed third in the nidan and above kata division. The point spread between the 3 finalists was extremely tight, and when the final round came it was still anybodies game. The nidan and above finalists for kata were as follows:

1st place: Anthony Pope, Eishin Ryu
2nd place: Tony Alvarez, Kashima Shinto Ryu
3rd place: Tom Smyth, Toyama Ryu

The only real dissappointment of the tournament was you not being there Bob. It has been awhile since I have seen you and I had looked forward to getting to tilt back a few beers with you (Tony Alvarez, Anthony Pope and myself did try our damndest to drink your share on Saturday night though)

Congratulations to you once again Bob and Tom. I am looking forward to seeing you at next years event.

17th October 2000, 10:28
Hey, WillG,
As is policy at E-budo, please sign your full name to your posts. You can configure your signature box in your profile to do it. Set it and forget it.

BTW: Seems I heard a word or three about that tai kai.:D


Tim Wilmot
17th October 2000, 16:50
I wanted to thank everyone for attending the N.A.B.A. Western Region Tournament. I want thank all of the sponsors
who were supplied the prizes and their support to this event:

The Sword Armory
Last Legend Competition Blades
Bugei Trading Company
Stonehouse Supplies
Kim Taylor
Excalibur Cutlery and Gifts

All the judges who devoted their time and experience:

Walther Von Krenner Hanshi
Scott Irey Sensei
Hector Caroso Sensei
Robbie Pellet Sensei
Grand Master Allen Chen
Sifu Shawn Miller
Tony Alvarez

Rev. Koichi Barrish of Kannagara Jinjya for his time and
beautiful opening and closing ceremonies. Tom Saderquist for singing the National Anthem. Sensei Russell McCartney for all his time, effort and dedication to making this event possible. A special thanks to all the people who volunteered their time over the weekend to make this event
enjoyable for all of us.

Congratulations to all the competeitiors and to winners of
each dividion who will be listed on the NABA web-site.

Personally I would like to thank Tony Alvarez, Shaun McMurray, Peter Palmer, Anthony Pope, Clinton Rassmussen,
Tom Smythe, Brian Tchernaga(sorry if I spelled that wrong Brian, but that 2 consonants at the front of your name messes me up. I had a great time competing with you guys and I really look forward to doing it again in the future.
It was the best time ina competition I personally have had to date.

While the event was long, Everyone I talked with went away happy. We are already planning some changes that will streamline this event, while keeping with the NABA guidelines.

To anyone who missed this event, please check the NABA in the future for more events.

Thank you everyone for everything over the weekend. You're
the best.

Tim Wilmot

20th October 2000, 22:25
I just wanted to post my thanks to Bugei and to Tony Alvarez who, over this last weekend, traveled to Seattle to compete in the Western Regional Tournament of Swordsmanship hosted by Ishi Yama Ryu.

Bugei was kind enough to sponser part of the event prizes (along with LastLegend, SwordArmory, etc.), and as the winner in the <b>shodan</b> tameshigiri (the results of which Tim didn't mention and I will post later :) ), I was awarded a wonderful 'Wave Tanto' from the folks at Bugei. I tell you that it is a wonderful looking blade. I will post a couple pictures of my new toy, as well as a few .AVI movies of last weekends tournament from kata, goshiken, and tameshigiri.

Hopefully these tanto pictures show up...
<img src="http://swordstuff.homestead.com/files/tanto_web1.jpg">
<img src="http://swordstuff.homestead.com/files/tanto_web2.jpg">
<img src="http://swordstuff.homestead.com/files/tanto_web3.jpg">

Karl Nygard
Ishi Yama Ryu

1st November 2000, 17:10
Ok, I have a bunch of AVI movies from the Western Regional Tournament, and I will be posting them as I find web space for them...

Note: You will need QuickTime to view these files. find it at http://www.apple.com . Microsoft Media player says it will play the movies, but it won't giv you video...

Anyway, click on "Save as" or the equivelent in your browser. BTW: Please forgive me if I butcher your name.. :)





Karl Nygard
Ishi Yama Ryu

Nathan Scott
1st November 2000, 18:50
Doh. So those of us that are not on mac's are pooched? :(

FWIW, I've found (correct me if I'm wrong) that MPEG's are a better, if not the best, system for video as far as compatability goes. I've tested the ones on my web page on UNIX boxes, Mac's and PC's and they played on all.

Mhile they might not compress as well as other formats (the files are bigger and take longer to download), at least they are more generally viewable. A bit of a tradeoff, I guess.

Just something to consider!

Tim Wilmot
1st November 2000, 21:19
Hi Nathan,

There are QuickTime version for PC with WIN95/98/NT on the
Apple Web site.

Tim Wilmot
Ishi Yama Ryu

Nathan Scott
1st November 2000, 21:22
Oh really? Cool - I'll look into it.


2nd November 2000, 17:27
Ok, I got all the first day tournament movies posted now, it is a quick website, but does the job. Again these are .AVI movies that are best played with QuickTime, which has both a Mac and PC version here -> http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ .

Please browse to to download the movies. Again I ask you to please forgive my camera work and my spelling. :) I will get the second day tournament movies up as soon as I can get to it.

Karl Nygard
Ishi Yama Ryu

2nd November 2000, 17:33
BTW: If you are one of the people in the video and are too embarassed or simply don't want your video in the public, please eamil me at karlnygard@yahoo.com and I will take it down. Thanks.

Karl Nygard
Ishi Yama Ryu

14th November 2000, 03:56
Finally got around to putting the second day's movies up, take a look. Like before, you will need a version of quicktime (available on both PC and Mac) for viewing these. (I am working on converting them to a more "normal" format) http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

Check out
There aren't as many from the second day, (I was busy) but hopefully you still enjoy these.

Again I ask you to please forgive my camera work and my spelling. If you have issues with yourself being in one of these, let me know at karlnygard@yahoo.com or reply here.

Karl Nygard
Ishi Yama Ryu