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6th September 2003, 08:31
I have 5 knives for sale. Look for the deal at the end of the post!
Clockwise from the left...

1. British FS Commando, 7"blade, black, traditional metal tipped sheath. Marked: NATO No.4638827, Sheffield England 1976, $75.00

2. Philippine Balisong, hand made in Manilla, Ph. 5 5/16" blade. Very nice, jigged bone and brass handle. A premium hand made knife! $125.00

3. Neck knife, WICKED KNIFE CO USA, SOP. 2" blade, kydex sheath with neck cord. $30.00

4. Gerber Frisco Shiv, by Blackie Collins. 4" double edge blade. Shows some minor use. $15.00

5. Gerber River Guide, by Blackie Collins. 3 15/16" part serrated blade. Shows minor use. $15.00

If purchased individually, add $3.00 for shipping per knife. If you take them all $225.00! Save $30.00 and I pay shipping!

Or... Trades? I'm looking for a Bob Engnath Yari blade. Would consider things Japanese, tapes, dvds...???

One note, I know the Balisong is not legal in CA. I will not ship it there. Other states, I don't know. Make sure if you want it that possession is legal where you live.

20th October 2003, 09:45
If anyone is interested in the above, items #1, 3,4,5 have been listed on Ebay under seller name, kwikshift.

28th October 2003, 09:35
The Balisong is the only one left. Still for sale. Or trade.