View Full Version : Draeger Monographs from IHS

6th September 2003, 17:17
Hello everyone,

Anyone willing to share their opinions of the Draeger Monographs available from the IHS www.hoplology.com ?

They look interesting but they're quite expensive for such small volumes. Is most of this material covered in his other books or is this stuff different?


Meik Skoss
6th September 2003, 23:57
Mmmm... same stuff, but different. I don't like the fact that they're verbatim transcripts, but buy 'em. There's stuff in there that's well worth the cost and you probably don't have another source for it.

As a matter of fact, buy all of the IHS stuff: it's well worth what it costs. Although I don't agree with all of the stuff the IHS has published, Chip Armstrong and the rest of the folks at the IHS really know what they're talking about.