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10th September 2003, 16:01
Hi guys. I use a hotmail account, and any time I receive a reply from ebudo hotmail says the header is corrupted and dumps it in the junk folder.

Know any way around this?

John Lindsey
10th September 2003, 18:14
Sorry, but I have not good answer for you. I have never heard of this problem before. My only advice at this time is to try another email provider...

11th September 2003, 11:56
I'm not sure this is the same problem, but I have a MSN account and a Hotmail account. Mail is delivered to the hotmail account then to my MSN account which can take a few minutes. They tell me they are separate email hosts...anyway, I have the same problem. I find at least half or more email from the E-budo mailer in my junk mail folder. I don't have notification of replies to a post set as my default but I do get a lot of PMs, and reported posts to moderator, etc., which end up in the junk folder, too.

The only way I've found around it is to take some of the teeth out of the junk mail filter itself and use a lower setting. Then, if you are using advanced junk mail settings, uncheck some of the prefs which apply to mail such as "E-budo mailer," or mail that appears to be junk but is not. Those almost always end up in the junk folder especially mail from people at work whose email address is obviously a company, and don't come with a name attached. I find those in junk mail, too.

So you have two choices: take the teeth out of the filter[s] and junk some of the the Spam yourself, or make sure you check the junk mail folder everytime you sign on.

I've still not made any changes, and E-budo mailer has been added to my safe list probably one-hundred or more times, but they almost always end up in the junk folder anyway. Right now, I am checking the junk mail for those mails not meant to be junk (btw: Add the email addresses of all possible ones attached to E-budo to your address book, then you can check the box which says "only accept mail from those in my address book" or some such. That will work, too, but you won't receive any mail not in your address list. You will, however, receive all or most of the mail from E-budo).

The one thing I've not run into is the message concerning corrupt headers. They almost always are with Spam today so I don't know what to tell you about that (check the email address by running the mouse over the "from addresses." If any of those are legitmate email addresses, well, I'd make book that they aren't and give odds).;)

Anyway, I'm sorry I can't help you any further because, if I could, I'd be doing so myself.

It's all about choices...