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Steve Delaney
26th September 2003, 03:18
Hey have a look at Oita Prefecture's board of education's website. The Junior High School students are very welcoming! Just look at the two kids on the right of the picture. :D

Click Here (http://www.oitajets.com)

26th September 2003, 06:57

We're #1!!!


Daniel Lee
26th September 2003, 07:34
Austin says: "O-ita wa dame yo" :p

26th September 2003, 07:40
I have a feeling this is posted by a member of www.engrish.com.

None-the-less it is hilarious.

"Does that make you horny baby?"


Steve Delaney
26th September 2003, 07:51
I'm going to try and submit this to engrish.com tonight at the internet cafe. :D

26th September 2003, 14:25
I guess they're right when they say it's a universal symbol.
Herro birdie!:D

Earl Hartman
26th September 2003, 19:12
Oh, those wacky Japanese! You gotta love 'em!!

Apropos of this, a number of years ago a friend of mine was on a business trip in the Land of Wa, and was walking down the street when he saw a woman and her young (14-16 year old) daughter walking toward him. As they came closer, he saw that the daughter was wearng a T-shirt which read: I F**k Like A Beast".

My friend elected to not tell the mother what the T-shirt said.


27th September 2003, 00:21
Hey Earl!

Have you seen the line of "Bitch" workout and T-shirt wear they have over here for women and young girls? At least they are polite enough to tell you in advance...

Steve Delaney
27th September 2003, 02:40
And in !!!aya and Kumagaya, they have some really freaky labels. I saw a 12 year old girl in McDonalds last week in Kumagaya with a T-shirt that said "I am a sex-machine!"

Don't know is she old enough to qualify as one?

27th September 2003, 04:21
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: