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John Lindsey
27th September 2003, 05:16

A hotel orgy involving nearly 400 Japanese male tourists and 500 Chinese prostitutes has sparked outrage on the mainland.

People were angry both because of the scale of the incident and the sensitive timing - two days before the 72nd anniversary of the start of the Japanese army's occupation of Northeast China in 1931.

"The Japanese are animals. They deliberately selected the date to humiliate the Chinese people," one netizen wrote, citing the fact that the Japanese had attempted to raise their national flag at the hotel but to no avail.

The tourists collectively patronized the prostitutes in a five-star hotel in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province.

Reports of the incident ignited flames of fury across China's major news portals, with many netizens describing the incident as "the shame of the nation".

It was reported that the hotel affiliated to the Zhuhai International Convention Centre was full of prostitutes - from the city and Shenzhen - on the night of September 16.

They were involved in a well orchestrated group activity to serve the Japanese tourists there with a price of 1,200-1,800 yuan (US$145-217) each night. It was the same situation on the following day. The Japanese left on September 18.

Chinese staying at the hotel witnessed the process, during which many Japanese openly flirted with the Chinese women in elevators. News stories did not say why the Chinese failed to report the incident to the police immediately.

The hotel management denied it had anything to do with the sex rites, only saying that they must "serve every client well", and "prostitution is a common phenomenon in star hotels across the country".

But hotel guards checked the purses and other belongings of the prostitutes when they left to make sure they did not take anything away from the Japanese, according to witnesses.

27th September 2003, 10:22
Upon reading this news story, of course my mind wanders aimlessly to movie scripts - as life imitates art:

What was the line the xenophobic LA detective played by Harvey Keital said about the Japanese in the movie RISING SUN:

  "These guys are world-class sex purv's..."

Then movie characterizations of Asian prostitutes, ala FULL METAL JACKET:

  Me so horny...
  Me love you long time...

Can I get the name of the travel agency that booked this event?

So I may write them a strong letter of protest.

30th September 2003, 08:52
This is an interesting type of news story as how it is breaking in the US news media. A slow burning fire as opposite to a firestorm. It is starting to get airplay by the local media.

On a popular Boston morning drive time sports talk station yesterday, one male DJ said to the other DJ when discussing this story - I can't even get my wife to let me play an extra round of golf. How does one get permission to go to China for a weekend orgy?

Different cultures, yes?
China expresses "strong indignation" to Japan over alleged orgy

Tuesday September 30, 3:03 PM

China has expressed its "strong indignation" over a "criminal" orgy involving hundreds of Japanese tourists during an urgent meeting with Japanese embassy officials, the foreign ministry said.

The alleged orgy at a hotel in southern China's Zhuhai city has sparked public anger as it reportedly took place on September 18 -- on the eve of the anniversary of the start of Japan's World War II occupation of China on September 18, 1931.

"This criminal incident of an odious nature harmed the feelings of Chinese people and also seriously harmed Japan's international image," a foreign ministry official told Japanese diplomats Monday, the ministry said on its website.

"The Chinese side expresses strong indignation regarding the above mentioned actions of the Japanese," the foreign ministry official said.

"The Chinese side hopes the Japanese side will teach its citizens to strictly abide by Chinese laws when visiting China, step up moral restraint and not do anything that is illegal or that would harm the feelings of the two countries' people," the official said.

A Japanese embassy spokesman said Japanese officials said at the meeting that such an incident would be "regrettable" if it indeed occurred.

"We said although the factual aspects of this issue are not clear yet, if things had taken place as reported, it would be regrettable," the spokesman said.

"It's quite natural for Japanese visitors in China to observe Chinese laws and regulations. We hope that this will not cause a negative impact on our bilateral friendship," the spokesman quoted the Japanese embassy official as telling the Chinese side.

The Japanese embassy spokesman declined to comment on the alleged orgy, saying Japan was still in the process of fact-finding.

While prostitution is rampant in China and it is common for foreigners to be solicited around five-star hotels, the incident has ignited a wave of anti-Japanese sentiment, as many people are convinced the orgy was timed to humiliate China on the sensitive anniversary.