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John Lindsey
27th September 2003, 15:43
Based on the discussion located here: http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0047478/board/nest/2689122
I dedicate this picture to jmagnolia, who truly is The Lost Samurai...

27th September 2003, 16:25
From a post by jmagnolia:

The film "Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai" by Jarmushe is the best depiction to date of the modern Samurai. That will give you a glimmer of insight into who I am, and why. That is a TRUE Samurai film.


Ron Rompen
27th September 2003, 16:53
Loved the pic, and after reading the drivel on the message base, I have concluded that it is VERY appropriate.

My favorite post however, was from the 8th kyu black belt ninja.

Wonder if he wants to 'dual' with the urban samurai (lol)

28th September 2003, 06:12
That post on IMDb absolutely cracked me up, but the pic took the cake! :D

Sorry about cheap-shotting the 'ninja', but hey...

28th September 2003, 10:11
Someone actually enjoyed Ghost Dog? That's the movie with Forest "Couldn't Act His Way Out of a Paper Bag" Whitaker waving his pistol around in a bad imitation of a bad kung-fu movie, right?

28th September 2003, 14:24
I actually like F.H...I think he did a good job in "Good Morning Vietnam". But, gawd, Ghost Dog was a monstrous pile of drivel. Wonder if our modern-day samurai also knows the Machete-no-Kata?

28th September 2003, 20:20
I hope everyone doesn't mind me reposting this but I find the following only a little less funny than John's pic of jmagnolia(which is pretty hilarious)originally posted by jasonvoorhees666666

"...You have applied the code of the Samurai to your "current, modern life" (as opposed to your past, medieval life?), and I hold you in THE highest regard. And yes, I truly AM an ant, compared to you, o great and wise teacher of the code. Thanks for recommending a film to me so that I may learn (nay, TRULY learn) about who the Samurai are and about all they stand for. It's refreshing to know that the essence of an entire class of people who lived hundreds of years ago can be distilled into one movie."

"Your "sword is sharp," and your "strikes are true?" Well, I'm sure you don't need ME to tell you that those words certainly fill everyone on this board with fear and trepidation. Please tell us what town you live in so we can be on our best behavior when we're there. We sure don't want to cross paths with the likes of you, no sir. Online boasts are always a real good way to scare people, and I have no doubt that you mean what you say. Ya know, so often I encounter these nuts whose swords are dull, and their strikes are false. THEY'RE not scary at all. But YOU....hoooo-BOY, I'd hate to meet YOU in a dark alley, m'lord."

"I await with joyful trembling the next post from you, master. You have no idea the GLEE you are bringing to everyone here, for truly your words are not easily forgotten. I have actually printed out your posts and distributed them to people here at work, and I want you to know that the joy you bring to us is like a breath of fresh air. Actually, many people are so overjoyed that they have a hard time CATCHING their breath after reading your sincere and enlightening words..."