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29th September 2003, 15:30
My students put on a kick-a-thon to raise money for the Neurofibromatosis folks on saturday.

They kicked 3100 times in the first hour and stopped at 5000 kicks at the 1 hour 40 minutes mark.

Anyone know how this stacks up in the record books?

29th September 2003, 15:33

Is that 3100 and 5000 each, or as a class taking turns?

Great charity fundraising idea.


29th September 2003, 17:38
Everyone in class kicked in unison, each one counting out ten kicks.

I had them practicing 'projecting' their voices so we wouldn't have wimpy counting calls and the mall we were in finally came over and asked us to tone down a couple of our girls!

Lotsa fun with a great group of kids.

3rd October 2003, 15:06
What kind of superhuman students do you have?
On our most extreme kicking-practice sessions we do 1000 in about three hours...
...and we tend to be reasonably pleased with ourselves afterward;)

ari lappinen

Prince Loeffler
7th October 2003, 15:03

How do you hold a kick a Thon at your school ?

7th October 2003, 19:25
Since you don't want to pay for all the publicity, go to a charity like the Heart Foundation, Cancer or whatever and tell them your plan.

They should rent the mall space for real publicity for you and contact other clubs in the area to generate more participants and more cash for them, provide club members with donation / pledge forums for fundraising and to contact the media.

We did all this ourselves once for a local police sponsored anti-bullying group and the fundraising was kept to just dojo members and we still got $500 for them.

Mitch Saret
8th October 2003, 19:13
And we will be doing one coming up in December. As far as publicity, use fliers and posters in places like laundry mats, grocery stores, etc. You could even flier cars in parking lots.

We have the kids collect pledges based on them doing 100 kicks. I get 5 kids at a time, with kicking shield holders, sometimes parents, who also serve as counters. The counters count loud as the kickers kick, and when they reach 100 we make sure we go wild with cheers and hi 5's, etc., for each kid.

This one will be in conjunction with our town'd Christmas in the Heart of Charleston celebration which is done on the quare, where my school happens to be.