View Full Version : Groper Nanadan

8th October 2003, 04:24
Another system uses the Dan-I.

I suspect they dont wear belts though.


Hyakutake Colin

11th October 2003, 12:51
What can I say. Sick but in some regard kind of funny.:rolleyes:

Joseph Svinth
11th October 2003, 15:04
And this in a country where they report almost as few sexual assaults as Saudi Arabia.

I wonder how the Japanese gropers would do in, say, Iceland, Ireland, and North Dakota, which are places equally noted for low crime rates.

My guess is that the crime rates in Iceland, Ireland, and North Dakota would suddenly go through the roof, but I could be wrong.

11th October 2003, 19:00
Funny thing is I had never heard or seen any of this kind of behaviour while I was in Japan. And I rode the train system quite often. Sometimes just to explore the local area. I mostly saw salaryman passed out drunk, reading the paper or just thinking to themselves. As far as overall crime goes I did not see much petty crime, and my neighborhood (I had a house in Oppama, Hachimidai 1-51) I even left my door unlocked without any worries. The Yakuza, well you know who they are and mind your own business. It was the same in Sicily.