View Full Version : Just opened a new one (Single malt)

Steve Williams
9th October 2003, 20:01
A bottle of 16yo Lagavulin......

It was given to me last christmas by my students....... :nw:

Why is the first sip from a bottle often the best??
(thats the first sip in a glass from the bottle..... I have not started taking single malt straight from the bottle yet ;)

Ben Bartlett
9th October 2003, 23:15
Now that is one fine Scotch. And some fine students, as well! :D

10th October 2003, 08:02
I was given a 10yo Glenmorangie for my birthday last week. Nice....:toast:

Steve Williams
10th October 2003, 19:58
Just having another glass now......

While watching the ice hockey (NHL)......

Life doesn't get much better than this :D

Gene Williams
10th October 2003, 20:06
Taking single malt from the bottle would be like dipping the Communion Host in gravy:eek: Lagavulin 16 is marvelous! I have been stuck on Macallan 12 and 18 lately. That is my other favorite. But, I like Dahlwinnie for something a little lighter. Gene