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Chuck McCollum
4th October 2000, 05:23
Rumor has it, that a very funny cartoon has been circulating among some of the Aikijujutsu crowd. Neil, will you please use some of your advanced possession skills and make someone post it?

Chuck McCollum

Neil Yamamoto
5th October 2000, 00:27
Sorry. It was sent to a handful of people as a joke and I won't forward it.

Now, if someone else wants to post it, that's their business. But I gotta say I thought it was pretty funny. But I'm just sick and wrong anyway.

Mark Jakabcsin
5th October 2000, 00:31
All I have to say is I have lots more hair than that!! Although I do admit the bald spot is placed correctly.


Mark Jakabcsin
7th October 2000, 00:54
I just logged on and due to a brain fart I deleted several personal e-mails pertaining to this subject. Sorry, I didn't see who sent them or have a chance to read them and since my version of AOL is older I can't recover them. If you sent me one of these e-mails please resend. Sorry.


Nathan Scott
17th October 2000, 22:06
I didn't know chicken's could fly!

I wonder if he's free range? I still say that I would be in the most advantageous position for a draw; distance and angle wise.

Just musing...

And now, by popular demand:


Neil Yamamoto
18th October 2000, 00:24
Yep Nathan, you are in the best position but your sword is still upside down.

But I'll buy you some Belvenie double wood anyway.