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29th October 2003, 06:05
Did any of you watch the K-1 'Enter the beast' on ESPN2? On the brief background of K-1, they showed Shorinji Kempo as the representative of Kempo among all the K-1 martial-arts video clips.

It's interesting...because I'm pretty sure SK has never participated in any K-1 event. Anybody has any comment on this?

29th October 2003, 07:04

Yuki Kondo trained in Shorinji Kempo when he was in high school, earning the rank of ni dan.

Now he is competing in Pancrase and UFC.


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Johan Frendin

Steve Williams
31st October 2003, 11:26
As Johan said, there is a Shorinji kenshi who is quite well known in K1.

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2nd November 2003, 06:40
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Steve Williams
2nd November 2003, 07:28
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Sorry...I actually just noticed the posting of the rules after I read your message.

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2nd November 2003, 16:02
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2nd November 2003, 20:39
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Tripitaka of AA
25th June 2005, 09:37
Ummmm, I guess we don't really care... as he isn't doing Shorinji Kempo in the ring (and isn't studying Shorinji Kempo anymore... as I think Johan made clear).

Tripitaka of AA
25th June 2005, 11:19
Or I could be wrong :) , I couldn't load the profile that Johan linked to...

Secretly proud that the Art is being given credited for its effective combat cpability I suppose... sad that anyone should feel the need to prove anything.

25th June 2005, 18:12
so, has anyone watched any of the K-1 matches where he was involved?

25th June 2005, 20:01

You can read about Yuki Kondo in several places at internet.

He is very famous and have met all top names in UFC, Pride and Pancrase.
I believe he has not ben training Shorinjikempo for many years so he can not be considerad as a shorinji kenshi.