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Jay Bell
4th October 2000, 22:24
While surfing around, I found the following site:


and was wondering if anyone had ever heard of this, or this person's background. I saw on page 6 the various credentials, but I have a feeling that things just seem a bit "off".

Can anyone confirm the claims made on this site?

Thanks in advance,


Mike Collins
5th October 2000, 00:18
There ARE a lot of ways to wash your underwear!

5th October 2000, 14:18
Originally posted by Mike Collins
There ARE a lot of ways to wash your underwear!

Yes this is true. But there is only ONE way to go commando! ;)

6th October 2000, 03:48
check in the bad budo forum if you haven't already. that's not to say that this is bad budo, but many of the folks there may know about this guy.

6th October 2000, 04:26
Greetings! :)

Well, I met the man here in Puerto Rico. I had never met him before though, this was my first time. He is very cool so to say and very respectful, this I say of my experience talking to him and sharing time training when Dr.Moses Powell came to examine a group of people in Sanuces-Ryu Jujutsu(me included). All I can verify is that yes, he holds a 10th Dan in Sanuces-Ryu Jujutsu awarded to him by the Founder of the style himself Dr. Moses Powell. I only know of two 10th Dan in this style, one Philip Cheniques, the other is my sensei Titi Basabe. Also Cheniques is the founder of his Atemi-Ryu Jujutsu.

Hope this helps. :)


Arnold Vargas
Genbukan Satoichi Dojo
Tsunami-Ryu Bujutsu