View Full Version : Habits

Tim Atkinson
30th October 2003, 20:59
I have heard is said that it takes 3 months to form or break a habit. If you can stick with it for the three months then human nature would suggest that it will be with you for life.

Sorry people, this way meant to be a reply to the question posted by Thiago.

Anyway to expand further, it would safe to say therefore that kihon is the foundation of all ryu and that a sound knowledge of the basics will carry you further than a lot of half learnt waza.

Kihon practise is repetitive, and the kata or advanced waza may look more inviting, but it is the repetition that will establish your "muscle memory", that instance when your body reacts, without the apparent need to think about it first.

Well for me that would mean, more practise, more practise, more practise, more practise, still more practise....